Oh dear he doesn’t practice what he preaches…

Under absolutely no fanfare yesterday Jeremy Corbyn launched his new party yesterday….I know its a website but this is the beginning of his new party just give it time, as those MPs with his equally repugnant outlook on life will leave the Labour Party.

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He has launched his new project called “Peace and Justice”….excuse my whilst I go away and laugh hysterically. Peace coming from a man who has spent his entire life backing every terrorist bottom feeder going. Since 1983 he has lauded the efforts of the IRA and has had them in the very place that democracy sits after murdering soldiers, policemen and prison officers, as well as people just gathering to remember the war dead, or murdering a mother of 10 for doing nothing more than give a dying soldier some comfort….as any mother with half an ounce of decency would.

Remember this is the same mob who went to Gibraltar with the most murderous plan of planting a bomb on the rock with nails in it to cause maximum damage. Hurray for the SAS who risked their lives to take out these terrorists before they could harm innocent people, and what did Corbyn do? Yep take the case up of the terrorists. He did the same when they blew up the band at Deal and blew up Hyde Park. He did not condemn them when they blew up servicemen in their cars in front of their children, nor did he condemn them when they murdered an RAF man and his 6 month child on a petrol forecourt.

The second youngest victim of the Troubles will be remembered today on the 30th anniversary of her death. Nivruti Islania was just six months old when she was shot in the head by the IRA while in her father’s car in West Germany in 1989. She died instantly alongside her father, 34-year-old RAF communications operative Corporal Maheshkumar ‘Mick’ Islania in the October 26 attack. It has been described as a “particularly heinous” crime. Witnesses at the time recalled Corporal Islania’s wife Smita cradling her dead daughter in her arms following the attack close to RAF Wildenrath, near the border with Holland. Baby killed by IRA remembered 30 years on – BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

The coffins of Corporal Maheshkumar Islania (right) and his baby daughter Nivruti are carried by his comrades
The coffins of Corporal Maheshkumar Islania (right) and his baby daughter Nivruti are carried by his comrades

He said nothing when they blew up Ian Gow nor Airey Neave who was a war hero and fought so that people like Jeremy had their freedom. What a pity it was wasted on him……..Where was was their justice Jeremy?

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Airey Neave was the man who escaped Colditz and fought against such hatred all his life and he was blown up outside Parliament. A true and loyal man to this country murdered by Corbyn’s friends and no justice was given for the Neave family.

Where is the justice for the police in Northern Ireland who were just doing their best to keep the peace and who paid deeply for it? Where is the justice for the prison officers who died doing their job? It is strangely silent from the dishonourable member for Islington.

True justice for me was handed out at the hands of our very brave sneaky beaky soldiers who do the jobs that would scare most of us out of going to sleep at night. God bless them and all who serve for they are the peacemakers and the heroes and thank god we have them, especially when you see what they are letting in Parliament these days.

Then, there is the justice and peace he has denied the Jewish community. To be seen at the graveside of terrorists who murdered Israeli Olympians showed the world all they need to know about where his loyalties lie and it is always with the terrorists.

Jeremy Corbyn
Corbyn at a Munich Terrorist Graveside

It is a bit rich coming from a man who has spent his political lifetime backing those very people who have murdered, maimed and terrorised. You would think he would have some shame and apologise but we are talking Corbyn here.

He has refused to give any justice to those who suffered at the hands of the party he was leader of when Jewish members of parliament had to have bodyguards to attend their own party conference, and that is because they were truly scared of violence being committed against them by the thugs of momentum who have backed this disgraceful politician. What did Corbyn do when this was going on in front of him…he smiled. This odious individual thought it was funny to see people suffering at the hands of the cult that has grown up around him. I have read my history booked and Corbyn and his momentum thugs are straight out of the Dr Goebbels terrorist book rule one.

The ex-Labour leader today said he wanted to “build on” the policies he developed during his five years at the helm. I can only think that the Jewish people of Great Britain will be nervous as he developed hate and thuggery during his five years at the helm and this does not bode well. Why this man could not have just retired and taken his hate with him…..would have been better all round.

Mind you Starmer is no better. He should never have let this rabid person anywhere near a labour rosette….. A Labour candidate selected last week to represent the Coventry South constituency  wrote on social media in 2015 that she would “celebrate” if former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were to die. Zarah Sultana also expressed support for “violent resistance” by Palestinians. She also went further i and stated as reported in which she stated that students supporting Zionism were “advocating a racist ideology…and champion[ing] a state created through ethnic cleansing, sustained through occupation, apartheid and war crimes. People like her must wake up frothing at the mouth every morning.

Official portrait of Zarah Sultana MP crop 2.jpg

There is however hope on the horizon for the Labour Party and that is the face and voice of the Speaker. Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker. Maybe if Labour and the party as a whole followed his mantra then people like Corbyn and Sultana would not get anywhere near a set in Parliament as them being there really is a disgrace. I leave you with the idea of justice from the Speaker.

“Antisemitism and racism is an evil within our society. I’ve done everything to confront it throughout my life, and will always do so,” he said. “We want this country to be safe for all people. An attack on a synagogue, an attack on a mosque, an attack on a church—an attack on a person walking down the street because they’re perceived to be different from the rest of us—we simply can’t tolerate it.”

Whilst Corbyn and his equally mouth frothing thugs back the terrorists then to act for Justice and Peace is laughable as he means no justice and no peace for Israel and Jews….

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