The Labour party has accused the Government of incompetence and putting the public at risk because of the accidental deletion of 150,000 DNA records. Like most people I am concerned at who this deletion lets off as lord knows we have more than our fair share of the bottom feeders in society, but for Labour to spout their usual lines is getting pretty tedious.

Shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds demanded urgent answers from Priti Patel and accused ministers of jeopardising public safety. He said in a statement:  ‘The Home Secretary must take responsibility for this serious problem.  ‘She must – urgently – make a statement about what has gone wrong, the extent of the issue, and what action is being taken to reassure the public. Answers must be given. This is an extraordinarily serious security breach that presents huge dangers for public safety. ‘The incompetence of this shambolic Government cannot be allowed to put people at risk, let criminals go free and deny victims justice.’  (

Lets have a look back at the shambles that is the Labour party and their record on putting the electorate first in terms of safety……

First of all and not so long ago we had their dear leader Uncle Jeremy actively supporting the terrorists group that have caused so much blood shed on the innocent. This includes being seen with and advocating for the IRA who have committed so many atrocities on our soil, as well as standing at the graveside of the terrorists who killed 8 innocent Olympians at Munich. Infact, the majority of the shadow government refused to accept that the terrorists were terrorists……. look at the voting records of the likes Abbott, McDonnell and Long Bailey and the rest of them who openly support a terrorist loving anti semite.

Links: Corbyn and McLaughlin in 2010
Jeremy and McLaughlin – remember not only was Corbyn hanging around with these bottom feeders, but the previous Labour leader Blair gave him a comfort letter.
McLaughlin was imprisoned for buying radio parts like the ones used in the 1982 Hyde Park bomb (pictured)
McLaughlin was imprisoned for buying radio parts like the ones used in the 1982 Hyde Park bomb (pictured) 

Tony Blair a former Labour leader hid from the people of Great Britain that he had given “comfort letters” to the IRA terrorists in the guise of a “peace process”, in effect letting those off who had murdered soldiers, policemen, prison officers, the wives and children of the same groups. As well as murdering innocent men, women and children and not only that but giving the same letters to those who tried to kill a democratically elected government. So, justice for a Labour government in this case can be dismissed at the waving of a pen.

Tony Blair’s decision to grant “Letters of Comfort” to around 300 alleged IRA terrorists – meaning, in effect, that they could never be prosecuted – has tilted the focus of the proposed Historical Investigations Unit (HIU) unfairly towards veterans and retired police officers who often possess no such letters. Even when they do possess “no prosecution” letters from the Government, they find that they carry no legal force. (Daily Express Feb 2020)

There was also the military conflicts Labour dragged our military into and the knock on effect of a Tony Blair government was his illegal war resulting in the rise of terrorism from countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

No one gained anything from Blair’s military interventions… but Blair!

While Blair repeatedly affirmed that he supported military interventions out of “moral concerns,” many anti-war organizations highlighted the financial gains he personally achieved as a result, especially as a consultant when he left Downing Street. According to Stop the War Coalition, Blair has amassed a fortune worth tens of millions of pounds, with funders including the governments of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. He also earns a US$50,000 monthly salary from an oil company owned by the Saudi royal family and has collaborated with U.S. investment bank JP Morgan and Swiss insurer Zurich International. 5 Facts About the War Criminal Tony Blair | News | teleSUR English

We now have Starmer who sued the government on behalf of not only the IRA but also on behalf of ISIS terrorists. He was that concerned that he actually defended the terrorists….2 of which were hurt whilst trying to escape prison and who hurt the prison guards. Yep…that really is defending us against the bad guys.

Starmer failed to protect the thousands of women being abused “There has been a public outcry about the failure to prosecute FGM and sexist abortion, but so far little has been said about the Crown Prosecution Service’s other great failure – namely that it has not prosecuted adult men who have illegally married and had sexual relations with so called ‘child brides’ – nor parents who have colluded in this practice, in effect trafficking or pimping their under-age daughters. I predict this will be one of the next great public ‘scandals’. Keir Starmer has been in a position to publicise all these issues, but he has not done so. In truth, he has failed to protect women and girls from sexist violence and abuse, especially where that violence can be seen to have a basis in minority ‘culture’ or religion.  

His supporters may say that he oversaw the prosecution of gangs of sexual predators in Rochdale and thereby opened up the debate on sexual grooming by groups of men of Pakistani Muslim origin. In fact, it was not Starmer who did this, but Nazir Afzal the courageous Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West, himself a Muslim. One of the first actions Afzal took after his appointment was to reverse the decision of his predecessor not to prosecute the Rochdale gang. Afzal said “white professionals’ oversensitivity to political correctness and fear of appearing racist may well have contributed to justice being stalled.” Keir Starmer Deserves no Knighthood | Jean Calder’s Blog (

The decision not to prosecute Jimmy Saville was under his tenure. Mr Starmer was head of the CPS when the decision was made not to prosecute Savile but he was not the reviewing lawyer for the case. An official investigation commissioned later by Starmer criticised both prosecutors and police for their handling of the allegations.

The official investigation into the Saville assaults was completed after Saville had died, and don’t forget the buck stops with the Head of the CPS as he was getting the big money for his role and of course the title that with it when he stepped down. He received a knighthood for failure and we in this country must really stop doing that.

He did nothing whilst his Labour party were terrorising and threatening members whose only “crime” was to be Jewish. Meanwhile, Starmer’s tenure has been marked by the abolition of any semblance of democracy in the Labour Party. For the first four months of his leadership, democracy was “turned off”, with Constituency Labour Parties not allowed to hold decision-making meetings. Party Conference – the Party’s sovereign body – was cancelled for no apparent reason. Jews who questioned the much-questioned IHRA definition of antisemitism were suspended from the party. Local parties were told they too would be suspended if they even discussed these suspensions. Members were told they would be suspended if they discussed pay-outs in a legal settlement to anti-Corbynite Labour staffers who held up the complaints processes about antisemitism, in order then to blame the Corbyn leadership. And Jeremy Corbyn himself was suspended from the party – yet the party refuses to even state which rule he is supposed to have broken.

A recent invitation to Starmer to have a conversation with Jews in Islington North constituency has been not even refused, but just ignored. The Antisemitism of Sir Keir Starmer | Jewish Voice for Labour

Also, don’t forget it was a Labour government that opened up our borders that allowed some of these criminals in, and tied our hands at getting rid of them. In 2004 when Labour were in power Lord Mandelson admitted that they sent out civil service people to get just about everyone in. I accept that some of the people who came were hard working but how many were actually vetted as lets face it it works wonders for Labour and their voting. They didn’t care that they could be letting in rapists, murderers, abusers, paedophiles and terrorists because all Labour wanted was the votes. They didn’t care that they were putting our lives at risk, but rather the risk for them was worthwhile if it meant another Labour government.

So, ask yourself which party is the more dangerous? A mistake committed by an official under the Conservative Government and which will be investigated, or the Labour Party and its continued lapse with our security and the security of our children.

Composite image of Boris Johnson and Black Lives Matter protest
Boris Johnson suggested he would not take the knee in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, saying people shouldn’t be ‘bullied’ into doing things ‘they don’t necessarily want to’. The PM said he ‘does not believe in gestures’ during a phone-in on LCB, adding ‘I believe in substance, I believe in doing things’. (Black Lives Matter: Boris Johnson suggests he would not take the knee | Metro News)

I know who I trust and its not Starmer or the Labour party as remember this is Starmer and his deputy who showed a lack of strong leadership especially when it was needed to stop the rioting and to try and get this country back on course. We have also seen that pandering to the mob is a capitulation of our democracy, our history and our ability to protect ourselves. yet Starmer did this so quickly but what about those ethnic races that he has not taken the knee to? Do their lives not matter? No one who can take a great country like this forward can be seen to capitulate to one organisation. Great statesmanship is to champion security and the rule of law and Starmer and his party are not suitable to protect this country, they are not suitable to be allowed on the world stage and they cannot prevent anarchy and keep the rule of law as they have failed miserably on this time and time again.

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The Labour Party capitulating to the mob….

So when the shadow Labour person stands up to blast the government maybe it would be better if he takes a look at his own party and their miserable record, before starting an argument that he will ultimately lose.