In these crazy times I find peace with the plants and ducks.

Its all over the television and all over the newspapers and constantly in our faces….Covid…..It has actually gotten to the point that the TV gets turned over, or the newspaper gets changed because like so many of you I am actually getting fed up with hearing all the doom and gloom. We are doing as we are told by the Government but even then there is a limit.

I am not making light of it as we have lost too many people to this awful virus and the wonderful NHS staff and care home workers are working flat out to try and control this. Those who make a career out of looking after others are truly angels, and we must do our best to make sure we do not put ourselves in harms way for their benefit and ours….

However, have you ever stopped to just look out of the window and see the world? I actually started looking at the shape of the trees and the nests that looking lonely…..wondering how they stay up in the wind and marvelling at how nature has provided the birds with the knowledge to build them and then it hit me….off with the TV and out the back door I go.

I decided to go out into the garden and look at my winter heathers and the colours of purple, orange, red, yellow and green are beautiful and they are getting so big. The colours are a stark contrast to the empty trees that I have growing as all of their leaves are gone, but even that is beautiful in its own way, as I know that come Spring new life will grow again.

The fruit trees don’t look as healthy as they do in Spring and Summer but I know they will be back, and they will look so lovely as will my blueberries and blackberries. They were duly trimmed down before the cold weather set in. My rose bushes have been protected against the cold by the putting of stones over the soil and this is pretty much all of my plants, and the ivy growing around the archway doesn’t look as glorious as it did in Summer but I had some fight with that in trying to keep it trimmed but it is my pride and joy.

I did not do the final cut at the end of Summer as I wanted the grass to have some depth to it and it is still looking a lovely green so cannot wait to cut that, nor here the bees as they hum all day long in the flowers (that I do miss), along with the butterflies, the moths and little orange coloured ants in the garden…..they are just so tiny.

My garden was my sanctuary during the lockdown and Mr Points of Sue bought me my own little shed, which mum had a sign made saying “Sue’s little piece of heaven” and it is not wrong, and I am looking forward to it being so again. The tidying up has been done but I have left some plants leaves to rot as it will feed back into the ground and start the cycle all over again, but my eyes always go back to the beautiful heathers in my garden.

Whilst out in the garden taking note and writing down my list of things to do when it gets warm I realised that I am being normal, and thinking normal and not once did the Covid slip into my thoughts nor the fact that we are in a global pandemic. It is amazing when you try and clear your mind just how quickly it fills up with things that need doing and It won’t be cheap but it will be worth it.

That was almost a eureka moment and I realised that if I had gotten fed up of reading about Covid then I know my readers had as who wants to continue to read doom and gloom.

So, I have set myself a task and that is to start taking note of things on my daily one hour exercise. Last Autumn I actually took some acorns out of the woods where I walk and they are now young saplings in the garden. I cut some wild blackberry bushes whilst out on my walk and they too are now growing in the garden and along with the other berries and what will be a great present for my grandchildren and my young friends 3 little ones. We did enjoy picking those together when we were allowed to come together.

Then there is the area I exercise for one hour a day with Mr Points of Sue and our beloved JRT….and it takes my breath away whatever the weather as it is truly beautiful.

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Looking at these pictures I thought why am I adding to the woes and misfortunes that are attacking our world. It is just creating misery on top of misery and when you are walking past row after row of swans you can forget the horror that is happening, and just enjoy what nature has to give. It is truly one of the most beautiful sights to see swans together….they are so elegant, or the funny quacks of the ducks.

I have not looked at any news today but rather spent the time fussing over my plants and watching the herons, the kestrels, magpies, swans, Canadian geese and Mr Points of Sue’s favourite the ducks. We don’t stop the way we used too and we are always mindful that it is our exercise and we have the one hour, but my lord who needs a treadmill or exercise bike when nature has given me such a beautiful view.

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I must confess to having an exercise bike and spent a fortune on it and it is just stuck there…all £1200 of it. It is now a glorified clothes horse and when I am stuck in the house I feel like I am caged but when out on there park, if only for that hour it is wonderful to just be normal.

I think the fact that I have this on my doorstep and during the Summer lockdown I could hear the crickets and frogs…(and I know I have both in the garden as Mr Points of Sue had to rescue them from our cat), and the screeching of the birds of prey are gorgeous, or during the autumn watching the leaves change colour…

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So, I am going to concentrate on the beauty of Winter on the park and in my garden, and just count the days down until we can get back to normal, and maybe watching more of nature and less of the misery on the news might just make the days more liveable, as god knows if you just listened to the news all the time you could end up having serious serious mental health issues.

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When you think this is all for free what is there not to like… is just perfect and lockdown wont last forever.

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