Since August 2017 thousands of Rohingya have fled their home and it has been reported that women and children have been raped by the soldiers, and men, women and children murdered and their homes have been burnt to the ground.

Is this really acceptable in this day and age? Ethnic Cleansing is happening here and it is nothing more than a state sponsored form terrorism to force a Muslim minority out of their homes and it seems nobody is doing anything about it. This has been going on for 50 years in Burma and we have all turned a blind eye to it.

Burman needed a common enemy to unite the nation in the 60s and the Rohingya were the innocent victims. Myanmar is forcing them out and the Government is behind this and have continued to be behind it. The Government have never recognised the Rohingya and overnight made them non citizens. The world did what?? Nothing.

The ethnic cleansing has increased over years and the leader Aung San Suu Kyi is being accused of “legitimising Genocide in Myanmar” by the State Crime Experts of the Queen Mary University London. It is a farce that this woman who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is presiding over the murder, rape and ethnic cleansing of at least 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims. She has openly dismissed criticism of journalists being jailed for doing nothing more than covering the Rohingya issue and since Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, the NLD, came to power there have been more arrest and prosecutions of journalist covering the situation, and these laws have been viewed as to vague and too broad and it has made it all but impossible for journalists to do their job because they fear being arrested. This is nothing short of the behaviour of a despot and to think this woman has the Nobel Peace prize….it is insulting.

Olav Njoelstad, the secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said on Monday: “It’s important to remember that a Nobel prize, whether in physics, literature or peace, is awarded for some prize-worthy effort or achievement of the past. “Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel peace prize for her fight for democracy and freedom up until 1991, the year she was awarded the prize.”

The rules regulating the Nobel prizes did not allow for a prize to be withdrawn, he said. Well maybe it is about time they changed the rules as this woman is responsible for the ethnic cleansing. For evil to thrive good people have to do nothing, and this woman has gone from good to bordering evil as she has closed her eyes, ears and heart to the suffering of others. Yet when she was suffering she wanted the world to have sympathy for her. She is a total hypocrite.

The Rohingya people need to have a home and not some windswept Island that Bangladesh is currently proposing. I feel for the people of Bangladesh I really do as they are some of the poorest in the world and to have an influx of 1.1 million people plus is already having a serious impact on their scant resources. So why has the world not come together and done something about it? It seems along with the Chinese Muslim slave, the Rohingya Muslim population are expendable in the larger picture. The Rohingya people are currently in a camp that is over-crowded and where the sick and feeble are giving little if any help.

The solution of the Bangladesh Government is to rehouse 100,000 of the camps’ approximately one million Rohingya on the island, which takes the full force of cyclones that roar across the Bay of Bengal each year. The Rohingya carried bags of belongings, toys and chickens, and took selfies with each other as they sat on wooden benches during the three hour trip from Chittagong to Bhashan Char.

Picture from Shafiur Rahman @shafiur

Is this really what we have become in the 21st Cenutry? A world that can look away when so many people are suffering in the name of religion? What have these people done to warrant such a vile treatment? It is outrageous and more must be done to demand they are treated with respect and with humanity. After all we all want our own home, that little piece of land that we can call ours.

We have been so caught up with the immigrants arriving on our shores from safe countries that we have forgotten those who are truly suffering and it has to stop. NGOs have the ability if they come together to have an enormous political clout and nobody wants to see the continued suffering of old men, women and children and can we honestly look at ourselves and say we have done enough?

Why are Muslim dominated areas not demanding and offering more help? It seems that when you are poor and in need of help the whole world turns deaf, blind and dumb.

These poor people will continue to be ethnically cleansed and their women and children raped and murdered. The men murdered and all for the fact that they pray differently. If we turn away from their suffering then we are just as responsible for their misery.

Maybe peoples hearts will be less hard this year as a pandemic can do that and maybe we will start to demand justice and help for those who are so less fortunate than ourselves, because if not can we say of ourselves that we are the epitome of humanity.