Hong Kong, and other victims freedoms cannot be sacrificed for a China Deal.

The EU have now signed an economic trade deal with one of the most undemocratic countries on the planet….China. Thankfully this has not been ratified by the European Parliament and hopefully people will thrown this deal out as it is outrageous that the EU would chose to go hand in hand with a country that rejects any freedoms for millions. China has trampled over the rights and freedoms of others and is now celebrating a potential deal with the EU. Thankfully and I never thought I would do this but I agree with Guy Verhofstadt that it is immoral and thankfully he will veto the deal. (Could it be 2021 is the year I actually like Guy…who knows?)

I am of course referring to China and its occupation of Hong Kong as well as the Muslim Chinese people it has enslaved. Hong Kong will be forever our shame and the fact that we gave such a beautiful country democracy and then handed it over to China who have stamped down on the very democracy that the people of Hong Kong have come to regard as the norm.

53 people were arrested yesterday by the Chinese state police and put before an elected judiciary and we know that this is not going to end well with those who were arrested. The judiciary are not impartial and they are the eyes and grasping hands of the Chinese Government, and they will do what their political masters tell them to do.

The call comes as 53 people were arrested yesterday on suspicion of 'subversion' in Hong Kong in a dramatic escalation of China's crackdown on opposition in the city
The call comes as 53 people were arrested yesterday on suspicion of ‘subversion’ in Hong Kong in a dramatic escalation of China’s crackdown on opposition in the city

Hong Kong is going to become nothing more than a jackboot training ground for the Chinese and it is a shameful stain on us and we should never have handed it back. Under us Hong Kong had the freedoms that we have and the ability to do what they want, when they want and now this has been taken away and all because we were too weak to tell China that they were not having it.

Pro-democracy activist Lester Shum is led away by police in a Wednesday morning crackdown which saw more than 50 activists arrested in Hong Kong
Pro-democracy activist Lester Shum is led away by police in a Wednesday morning crackdown which saw more than 50 activists arrested in Hong Kong 

What is absolutely gobsmacking is that the EU actually believes that China will stand by International Labour Standards. Those same standards the EU were demanding we remain signed too. It seems that you can wave any open cheque at the EU and especially the Chancellor of Germany and they forget their own rules. We know what the Chinese think of the Labour Standards especially with the Chinese Muslims they have in their Concentration Camps.

People in these camps are dying daily from the neglect and abuse visited upon them by the Chinese State Agency. and their only crime…being Muslim. Women are being forced into having abortions, being sterilised, children being brain washed if they haven’t been murdered, men and women being worked to death (smacks of the Nazi state to me), and this is acceptable for the EU?

It doesn’t take such a long jump to realise this is what is coming to Hong Kong and the EU will be complicit in that as they have put money before the civil rights of others. There is one lone voice and that as mentioned is Guy Verhofstadt….he gets it.

Lord Patten who was the last Governor of Hong Kong stated ‘It is surely inconceivable that the European Parliament can support the miserable draft deal that the European commission wants to sign with Beijing. It is a massive strategic blunder at a time when President [elect] [Joe] Biden will be seeking to put together an international partnership of liberal democracies to deal with the bullying loutish behaviour and assault on our international rules by Chinese Communists.  We should not be seeking to contain China but to constrain the Chinese Communist Party.’  It spits in the face of human rights and shows a delusional view of the Chinese Communist Party’s trustworthiness on the international stage,’ he said.  

In comments designed to resonate with Germany, which is a key advocate of the deal, Lord Patten said: ‘It is worth remembering, for all European politicians wherever they come from, that the Jewish community around the world has been outspoken about Xinjiang and in particular has drawn attention to the similarities between what is happening in that region today and the Holocaust in the 1940s.’ They have already started but instead of the Jewish people they are doing it to peaceful Muslims.

China is cracking down on the freedom of speech and that is highly dangerous as that was the start of the Nazi era and this is only the start, as China is not even respecting the fact that some of those protesting are not their citizens.

US human rights lawyer John Clancey was among those arrested in the Central district, becoming the first American detained under the national security law 

If the EU go ahead with this deal then they have made a mockery of the rights of people and that is something they were so precious to hang onto. It is rights that seem to be so easily bought off by a cheque and of course there will always be something for those politicians in the EU. I guess when you can profit what does suffering of people matter?

The EU and the rest of those countries who value freedoms and democracy must rally against any deal with China, as they must not been seen to profit from anything as their profits come about by the misery of others.

They must not be seen to benefit from this virus that has killed so many people and for which they will not allow the WHO in to find the source, and from any trade deal as people are dying in misery so that China can economically grow. We know now that China is not behind the door at taking more people into slavery to maximize any profit and they trample roughshod over the human rights of a great number of people.

It is a farce and insult that they have any seat on the Human Rights Commission. That is akin to saying Genghis Khan was great for the environment. The fact that he murdered millions to do so is not the point to some and it shows the hypocrisy of the EU.

China must and should be made a pariah state and they must not be seen to profit from the misery of others, and shame on the EU for signing away the rights of millions so easily and so greedily. I am backing Guy Verhofstadt and hope for once that his voice is not the lone one and this deal is thrown out, as to reward them will result in China investing more in their military and more in their clampdown on democracy and freedoms and Hong Kong will not be the last.

They have turned their heads towards Taiwan and how will the EU justify their deal then? It is the creeping advancement that we need to worry about because if a country does not care about their own citizens, what makes you think they would be bothered about yours.

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