I like millions of others was transfixed with the storming of the Capitol and was amazed at the fact there was no stealing, no fires and no destroying the place to pieces so please bear that in mind, as unlike other mob cultures who have destroyed every place they have turned up at in 2020 causing billions of dollars worth of damage, and 40 deaths. I might add that to lose one person in a riot is a tragedy and my heart felt sympathy goes out to the 35 year old female veteran who lost her life yesterday.

The protestors are what they are, a majority of white people who are fed up of what is going on. Don’t forget they have had to watch the President Elect capitulate to BLM and then watch Congress arguing over a stimulus cheque. People are hungry, desperate and very fed up and for them with Biden coming in is their worst nightmare. There is just going to be more protests as I genuinely feel that they do not have any faith in the upcoming President and there is no way Biden can unite the United States of America. He is going to be responsible for splitting it further.

We know that he is already backing Iran for more investment in Nuclear fusion and you have to be living on a different planet to not realise why Iran wants this. It is for a bomb and Israel knows it and Biden is no friend of Israel. His son is also under investigation for money taken from China and other countries and Biden has already been warned that this could expand. Will we finally see Biden brought to justice? We could see for the first time a sitting US President charged with fraud, although he is only seat warming for Kamala Harris and if she gets the position then the US will explode as those who support Donald Trump will march. Although, we can already be confident that Harris will give Biden and Junior a Presidential pardon on him standing down. The corruption in political houses across the world is growing to the point that politicians don’t care if we do see corruption.

Harris has already called for the defunding of the police and investing in more black areas and does she really think when she gets into the White House she can continue with this policy and not see rioting? If not then she is living in the same alternative world as Biden. There needs to be equal funding across all areas and the police need to be invested in not defunded. After all who will protect her if she defunds them? The Social group she is calling for…..the lady is nuts.

Anarchy reigned at the US Capitol on Wednesday after thousands of Donald Trump supporters, urged on by the President himself, marched on the building to try and stop Congress certifying Joe Biden's election win
Biden needs to get used to this as those who support Trump will never except this, the same as those Obama voters never accepted Donald Trump as President.
Guns were drawn inside the House chamber as dozens of Trump supporters broke inside the building, ran riot, looted, clashed with security and broke into congressional offices
How can Biden fix this?
So when it is BLM there is pain but when the majority of white people are in pain….they are terrorists…..

This is the problem with Biden and Harris, the people are seeing this and have spent almost the whole of last year in the United States being told they are white privilege and they must apologise, when in fact this is so far from the truth and something was bound to give and this was it.

Yes Donald stoked the flames but the flames were there for stoking and Biden does not have the capability to stop what is now going to be the norm. Harris will not be acceptable to those who support Donald Trump and yes he will run again in 2024 as in him, these people have found someone who they can see as a leader. Right or wrong they see him as that. He has the strength to carry it and don’t be surprised if the the American South want to detach themselves from the North……it is not an impossibility.

Protestors in the Capitol building
Members of the violent mob in the Capitol building. Police fired teargas as the rioters pushed inside the gleaming white edifice.
The Guardian

The other area who must take full responsibility for this is the Main Stream Media. They have pandered to the woke causes for far too long and people are fed up with it. Whatever happened to honest impartial journalism? It seems every journalist is a politician spewing their thoughts on paper instead of sticking to the facts (I know the irony but it says Points of Sue). Again, they have all signed up to the woke culture and have backed Biden and this protest was a protest waiting to happen. If they think this is bad now….wait until the inauguration of Biden.

There are going to be millions of people just as they did with Trump who are going to be out on the streets shouting not my President, so will the MSM call them out as rioters whilst not doing so with those who refused to accept the election last time? The hypocrisy of the MSM must be held to account as they themselves are guilty of peddling an agenda and I watch the news most of the day and CNN are terrible for it. They do not give impartiality but their woke journalist at the time gives his or her view. Since when did we want to see and hear their views? Stick to impartiality and let the people make up their own mind. This constant drip drip drip of leftist work propagandas has gotten on peoples nerves. It does however suit their agenda as we have seen in the likes of the BBC which I hope will be defunded very very soon.

A comment by another newspaper

Urged on by President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede his defeat — in both the popular and Electoral College votes — and his relentless, dangerous and seditious torrent of lies and claims that the election was marred by fraud, hundreds of demonstrators sieged the central symbol of American democracy as the peaceful workings of government and the transfer of power were underway. Like sheep dispatched by a Third World despot, they followed Trump’s order — to disrupt Congress — and stormed the Capitol. They proceeded to launch what amounted to an insurrection. DC riots: America can’t stand for Trump rhetoric, U.S. Capitol riots (northjersey.com)

Yep that is really going to keep those who have a genuine grievance happy and again this is nothing more than a journalist giving HIS POINT OF VIEW. It is wrong as when they start calling the people who are protesting sheep it has gotten personal, and it can no longer be viewed as impartial and it is comments like this that set the people off again.

Biden cannot fix the United States of America he is not healthy enough as there are already suggestions he has dementia, and he does not have the personality nor the time left to do so. Kamala Harris will be viewed as suspicious by all those who voted Donald Trump. The politicians now have to win back the trust of the people and you can only do that by refusing to accept one side has a legitimate right to protest whilst calling the others home grown terrorists. You are dividing the people by doing that and the politicians must be seen to be in a higher place than that. You can not capitulate to one group and demonise another or you end up with this again and again.

The steps of the US Capitol are covered in Trump supporters after the President urged them to march on the building as part of his effort to stop the election result being certified
Trump supporters are seen in the streets around the US Capitol ahead of the rioting inside the building
Police hold back supporters of US President Donald Trump as they gather outside the US Capitol's Rotunda

It is going to take a strong person to fix the problems and as stated Biden and Harris are not it. The United States of America can no longer lecture anyone on democracy and the peaceful hand over of power. It will take the election of someone remarkably special and who can bring the whole of the United States together before these demonstrations can stop.

The lawmakers on Capitol Hill need to take a long look at themselves and realise that not one of them is fit to be President and that maybe the people need to look amongst themselves to find the one person who can lead them from this, or the United States of America will become the United Southern States of America with President Trump and the United Northern States of America, and nobody wants that.