Schools need to close…..

As a grandmother of 3 of the most perfect little people on the planet, I am so worried about their return to school and how crazy does that sound? A perfectly normal thing that millions of us have done in the past is now fraught with danger in effect.

This new strain of Covid is now affecting children and is it really worth the risk to our children to put them in harms way? It is not fair on the teachers either as they are just as important as without them who will teach when this is all over?

The Government is keen to get children back to schools, but Left-wing councils have joined a revolt against plans as UK's largest teaching union advised members it was not safe to return

The Government has already closed down the primary schools in London because they went into a Tier 4, well now there are millions of others in Tier 4 including my home town and yet the talk is of opening up the schools. This is like feeding a petri dish. It is crazy and needs to be stopped.

I am not agreeing just because it is a union thing as I don’t really believe in any union but what I am agreeing with them is that this is a dangerous step forward for both the parents, the teachers and the children. More money has to be pumped into online lessons and the teachers need to know they have the support of the Government.

Our children must not be used as sacrificial lambs to show outwardly that everything seems ok. After all we have heard endlessly from the Government that the NHS is going to be overrun if we don’t stay at home, yet surely the NHS would be over-run within days if our children can be affected by this virus so easily.

Teachers want to teach the children. They want the children to aspire to their full potential and that is what teachers do. I have met teachers who are quite simply some of the best people I know and who just want to do the job they have trained for, but they do not want to do it when it could cost them their health or the health of the children they teach.

The Government must give the schools more time to prepare online lessons and if this means extending the break for children then so be it. They need to take the school calendar and tear it up for this year. They need to let the teachers create the lessons and then decide the breaks. It is upto the parent then to make sure their child does it. After all surely no parent is that bad that they can just ignore the educational need of a child.

I have said it before and I will say it again and that is computers need to be made available for those who do not have one and teachers can create zoom classes, and any other online training aid that is needed. We have some of the greatest minds in our teachers so let them decide and let them create.

If not, then we will have another year of disruption for the children and that is outrageous. Change the classroom to the living room and give the children the necessary equipment where needed to help them join in, and not one child should miss out. The way the Government is handling it the children will be in, out, in and out… is like the school hokey dokey dance and no one wins first prize.

Abandon the idea of trying to get the children back in school and do what is best for the children and the teachers and let them deal with the needs of education.

The Government is not looking at the bigger picture and that is the care of duty to those involved and they need to start thinking like parents and less like politicians.

The Chancellor has given the NHS money when they cancelled the debt and now the Chancellor must invest in our schools. The Open University is a great role model for how to educate people and this is the sort of thing that must be made followed. It will allow each child the opportunity that could be denied them due to parents being too scared to send them to school or teachers to worried to show up.

We cannot fail a generation of our children and Boris needs to start listening to the experts regarding what is required….the parents and the teachers.