I was disgusted to read the comment from the attorney of two men standing trial for the murder of a man who was out jogging. A black man named Ahmaud Arbery was chased by Gregory and Travis McMichael.

This young man who was going about his own business was shot and murdered in cold blood by three men and for the attorney to say that he does not want Ahmaud to be referred to as a victim is absolutely disgusting and an insult to him and his relatives. Is there a special school some lawyers attend to have any sense of humanity sucked out of them?

He is a victim. They shot and murdered him and in anyone’s books that makes him a victim and a victim of racism at that.

The attorneys for the father and son charged with murder in the death of Ahmaud Arbery (pictured) have filed a motion requesting that Arbery not be called a 'victim' in court
Ahmaud Arbery

They accused Ahmaud of running at them which if you saw the video was one hell of a lie. This young man was trying his best to get away from the racist murderers and I don’t know how his relatives can keep their calm when they are lying, and what’s worse the attorney is stating this load of garbage in court.

Ahmaud was found by the police lying face down in a pool of blood and do these murderers really believe that they can just execute who they want? As that is what they did….they executed this beautiful young man and all because he was BLACK.

Don’t get me wrong I do not support BLM but what I do support is justice for those who have been murdered by racists and racists come in any colour. Ahmaud was murdered for nothing more than being a black man at the wrong time and the wrong place.

Defendants, Travis and Greg McMichael, respectfully move that the prosecution be prohibited from the use of prejudicial terms at trial, during jury selection, or in the presence of witnesses,’ the attorneys wrote in the motion filed on December 30.  These terms include the use of the word “victim.” The purpose of this motion is to prevent the prosecution from ignoring its duty to prove beyond reasonable doubt that crimes were actually committed and that McMichaels committed the crimes as charged.  ‘Due process requires minimal injection of error or prejudice into these proceedings. Use of terms such as “victim” allows the focus to shift to the accused rather than remain on the proof of every element of the crimes charged.’

Gregory McMichael
Travis McMichael

The McMichaels murderers and racists shown above.

The attorneys are also requesting the court to order the prosecution to turn over all records relating to ‘Arbery’s disciplinary, criminal, and mental health records’. They also want the contents of his telephone records and social media accounts. However, they want all recorded jail calls made by the McMichaels while they were held in the Glynn County Detention Center to be excluded from their trial.

In other words they are trying the most disgusting underhanded tactics of smearing the victim whilst trying to stop the murderers being shown as what they are.  

Body camera video from Glynn County police officers who responded to the fatal shooting shows the first interactions authorities had with the McMichaels, who armed themselves and chased Arbery after spotting him running in their neighbourhood.  

If the United States of America is to survive any kind of race war and infact to stop the race war that is coming, they need to stop the corruption that allows the victims to be smeared for no reason at all, as this is not fair and Ahmaud cannot defend himself. He cannot answer any questions and why is that….BECAUSE THESE MEN HUNTED HIM DOWN AND MURDERED HIM FOR BEING A BLACK MAN.

Justice has to be seen to be done for justice is not blind and it is not racist. These men in cold blood hunted and killed this lovely young man who was doing nothing else but running, keeping fit. He did not have a weapon and do the defence actually believe that any jury is going to believe an unarmed man decided to take on THREE individuals who were armed to the teeth? How stupid does this lawyer think people are?

It is plain and simple…they are racists and they murdered him because they are racist.

The video was shot by a neighbour who it transpires joined in the murder, so again I ask you at which point would an unarmed black man take on 3 individuals who are armed??

The initial video of the chase was taken by William 'Roddie' Bryan (pictured), a neighbor who joined the chase and also was later charged with murder
The initial video of the chase was taken by William ‘Roddie’ Bryan (pictured), a neighbour who joined the chase and also was later charged with murder 

The defence team is that they were justified to kill him as he looked like someone who had been a burglar spotted in the district. Sweet god how racist is that excuse in itself? Are they really saying that all black men look the same and therefore they had a right to shoot him because it might of been him. Their defence lawyer has an outlook on life that makes my skin crawl.

Prosecutors have said it was Arbery who was fighting for his life when he was shot. Cell phone video shows Arbery trying to run around the McMichaels’ pickup truck before coming face-to-face with Travis McMichael holding a shotgun.  That’s the bit that proves they murdered him….HE WAS TRYING TO RUN AROUND, OUT OF THE WAY.

I read with further disgust how the police seemed to be overly kind to these murderers because the father had worked for the District attorney. Can you imagine that being a black men who had shot a white man….my god SWAT would have been all over this and then some. I still back the police and believe they are a force for good but in some of these back water towns they need to drain the swamp of some of these officers. They all should have been handcuffed and not treated with kid gloves.

The Glynn County officers dispatched to the shooting don’t seem to question the McMichaels’ account that they were justified to kill Arbery. In one video, an officer standing outside the crime-scene tape asks another: ‘Did he shoot him? A self-defense thing?’ That’s what it looks like,’ the other officer replies. Policemen who are willing to look away from murder because of it being a black man. These disgraceful officers put the lives of really good police officers at risk everyday due to their bigotry and they should be fired.

There can be only one verdict and that is murder. They murdered this young man in cold blood and now they must pay the price because if the United States of America does not do the right thing, then more and more young black people will become disillusioned and who can blame them.

After all, if you can be shot and murdered in cold blood as a black person whilst out jogging and justice is denied you then what is left?

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family of Ahmaud and may you find some peace in your life and hopefully when the death penalty is pronounced on these three, and the useless police officers fired….it should be a start.