We have had another sad day of 50,000 coronavirus cases but a dip in the number of deaths. 445 is still too high but what on earth is going to work? As currently everything is failing. Lockdown has failed and there needs to be something else in place.

I like millions of others have stayed in and done as we were told for months now and yet the virus has mutated and gotten out of control. It had almost gotten to the point of paranoia with me as Mr Points of Sue has a severe lung problem and all I kept hearing was that it affects your lungs….so in we stayed but it does not seem to have stopped anything. Infact it has gotten worse. Although, my son who is a scientist did inform me that pandemics always come in 2nd and 3rd waves, so I was not unprepared for it but it seems the information we get is not matching upto the needs we have today.

We hear so many conflicting stories of masks will work but then masks don’t work. All I know is that the ICUs are filling up very fast and now the NHS are being informed they may have to give oxygen manually as we are running out of equipment. How on earth did we get like this and I know it is successive Governments (all parties) who have not invested in the NHS….well now is the time they need too and to continue to do so. The Overseas Aid Bill needs to be stopped and ALL the money going to the NHS and the billions we would have sent to Europe. Get it invested in the NHS.

The idiots who turned up at the hospital last night shouting that Covid 19 is a hoax should be made to help wash those infected, move the infected around, care for them and wash all the areas down without PPE. After all they don’t believe it is real so why should they need any medical covering? I despair at some people I really do.

A junior A&E doctor was left 'heartbroken' after being met with a huge crowd of maskless revellers chanting 'Covid is a hoax' after his New Year's Eve shift in London
A junior A&E doctor was left ‘heartbroken’ after being met with a huge crowd of mask-less revellers chanting ‘Covid is a hoax’ after his New Year’s Eve shift in London

I am not going to go on about whether the Government is in the right or in the wrong but we do need more clarity. My husband has had an email informing him that he cannot even go into a shop and that he must stay behind closed doors, so that is both of us as I will go through this with him as I know the restrictions get him down……

He will get the vaccination a lot earlier than I will but if it means we can get some semblance of normality back then I am all for it, but it is the constant barrage of news items that are adding up to so much confusion. We hear constantly that herd immunity is not working and it seems nothing else is. We have the mixed messages regarding the vaccinations and it is confusing. Reading every article can actually leave you even more bewildered than before you started.

Do masks work? I have heard they don’t but then heard they do, and the same with herd immunity. I actually have so many masks of different colours and will wear them to brighten up the outfits after all I am a female, but the number of people who are in the store without and I never knew so many people had asthma!!! I will continue to wear them because of Mr Points of Sue but this lack of clarity is so frustrating. instead of political broadcasts, why not get the real front line Doctors on and let them tell us as it is. Warts and all.

We can gather outside but not inside and then the list is endless. I have never seen such a weakness in Government information before. This is simply not good enough. We need a clear and concise set of rules. We need the rules for those who are clinically vulnerable and we need the rules for those who are working. Maybe banning all forms of travel other than working from 0730 to 0900 and then 1630 to 1800 hrs would help especially in London as we know now the schools are shut…so that will leave a clear area. People could then travel on public transport feeling a little bit easier as it must be terrifying to some but how would they get to work?

I thankfully have the car and would point blank refuse to get on a bus, train or anything else but we just don’t know what is causing the spike, and what will eventually stop it. All we have is maybe this work or maybe that will work.

We need clarity. We need to know that there is something on the horizon and yes the Government have cocked it up about maybe there will be a 2nd injection or maybe not. It is like good customer service….the customer needs to know what is going on at all times. Communication is the best way forward. Bad communication results in a very unhappy customer and that is when you get idiots chanting outside of hospitals. Seriously did those poor people dying from Covid really need to hear their rantings? The idiot gene is definitely strong in them.

We know that Boris is not afraid of holding TV conferences and maybe we should have those daily again and not ones that are full of doom and gloom, but ones that actually give us some light at the end of the tunnel. I know that people have commented to me that they don’t know anyone who has been affected, and I am lucky in that sense too as I don’t know anyone either but it doesn’t mean it is not around us. We should also ban the journalists when this happens as they are not interested in getting the news to people, but rather just trying to point score. If they cannot ask a relevant Covid question then what the hell are they doing there? Am thinking of dear old Auntie BBC and her very unpartial journalists.

I never thought that being outside could be so deadly, and maybe if we had more of a positive outlook from the Government then people would not develop this stupidity that it is either a hoax or are throwing caution to the wind. There is real suffering here and that is not getting the virus but people’s mental health and it is a real condition and until we start offering them a glimmer of hope we could end up with hundreds of thousands who will not recover mentally from this, and then what? How will we be able to cope with people who lives have been dramatically affected?

A glimmer of hope, a clear set of rules and the Government and Senior Medical Staff singing from the same hymn sheet would be a start and it would give us at least some hope, instead of the daily doubling down of confusion, pain and suffering.

Do they actually have people reading the script they put out?? If so, they need to be fired as no two pieces of information are the same and it is getting past the point of ridiculous now. Clarity, conciseness and singing from the same hymn sheet is a very good start and it is not impossible for the Government and Medical Professionals to start doing it as of now.