I like so many others were disgusted at the sight of the fireworks being let off over London.

Not the fireworks themselves but the fact that the useless Mayor of London decided to spend £1.5 million of taxpayers money on a WOKE showing, and the fact he did so in secret until the moment they went off tells me he knew it wouldn’t get voted by the London Assembly especially those who actually think with their brains.

Photos via @SadiqKhan on Twitter

I think very few people would have complained about the NHS having a tribute as they have had an awful lot to deal with if it had been widely advertised. People would have been more than happy to come out and see the fireworks from their home. I know there are some who have had their operations cancelled and it is wrong to stop the Cancer appointments as people are suffering, but this is unprecedented times, and nobody who goes to work in the NHS decides to harm people.

It is what it is and I have seen many a friend who works in the NHS looking so exhausted and in tears at the very little they can do….so the tribute to the NHS would have been welcome, except it was done in the colours of the European Union. He just Khan’t help himself. He should have done it in the colours of Red, White and Blue as the NHS is that unique institution owned by the people of this beautiful country. but then Khan hates this country, he hates the fact we are bored with his WOKE culture, and can see him for what he is …. a failure.

He is a Mayor and a failing one. Nothing more nothing less and he should be forced to do what the Conservative Government tells him to do and it is not up to him to reach out to the European Union, so he needs to get back in his box. He is actually out of tenure and it is only this virus keeping him in there, and he needs to be stripped of the Mayoral role as he has dragged it into the gutter.

What riled me and so many others is the clenched fist salute to BLM. They are anarchists, Marxists and anti democracy and how dare this Mayor use taxpayers money for such a salute. If he wants to to do that then do so out of his money and not the money of the Londoners who have had to see week after week these people trying destroy their heritage. This disgraceful organisation wants to defund the police and cause nothing short of anarchy in the United Kingdom and there should have been no tribute. He is in effect rewarding the very same people who have cost millions of pounds in damages and who have injured the police. Nice going Khan….and just what we expected from him.

Why has this obnoxious Mayor not concentrated on the stop and search that is so desperately needed? The highest number of stabbings and killings are black on black and that is a fact. Stop and search would reduce this, but oh no all he can see is racism, but instead of crying that why not realise that there has been a significant increase in murders and Try telling a mother whose innocent son or daughter has been stabbed to death for little more than walking down the wrong road or coming across the very thugs that Khan is defending, that stop and search would have reduced stabbings but its racist!! Is it really worth sacrificing so many young lives because of wokeness?

We in the United Kingdom have lost London, and we lost it on his watch. Some of the people who live there have turned our once beautiful capital in a no go area….look at Tower Hamlets and now it is nothing more than a battle scene between rival foreign gangs and black gangs. I never thought I would look with such shame on what has happened to our beautiful Capital and all that history will be trampled on by these people as they don’t care. Khan doesn’t care.

Khan has failed London and he has failed its people. He has spent millions on vanity projects whilst letting TFL (Transport for London) go bankrupt. He has stiffened people with congestion charges that are for some outside of any expense they can afford, and he has put race relations back decades by allowing these disgraceful marches to take place. All the while spending money on a stupid balloon insulting a great friend of the United Kingdom, one President Trump, Biden is no friend of the United Kingdom so what is Khan going to do now?

I am not sure what I make of David Attenborough lecturing us again as I do like the old chap, but being lectured by a man who has spent his life on a plane when I have only been on one sticks in the throat, but who in god’s name brought in George the Poet. Have you actually read his words? Not my idea of poetry at all and he has been influenced Dizzy Rascal and Tupac Shakur…..and that is enough for me to say No thank you. I like my poets grounded and not endlessly whinging about the British Empire that has ceased to be for decades and certainly before I was born.

It goes to show that putting political BS in any display can ruin it…..to put it in a firework display when Londoners were told to stay home and stay safe….shows how out of touch he is. He and the Met did this sneakily and he and the Head of the Met should be billed for this as it was not up to them to decide how this would go, but then she is as bad as his virtual signalling.

Both of them are not fit for the role and the sooner a new Mayor is in London and a new Head of the Met is installed, then maybe things can get back to normal for the decent people, the law abiding people and the people who just want to get on with their daily lives.

Until then I feel so sorry for the people of London having this man at the helm as he is failing you every single day and you are paying for his failures and it is a bill that is spiralling out of control.