America is imploding…..

Another Senator has had his home vandalised today, following on from Nancy Pelosi’s yesterday. Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home has been vandalised with “Where’s my money” as it transpires that he turned down the opportunity to help those most affected with a payment of $2,000.

It shows how out of touch these people are but then American politics is a game where the people in power end up very very wealthy and then they forget about the little people until they need their vote, then they will promise you the world knowing they will never keep it. After all, they have very influential lobby groups who will open happily open their cheque books to these politicians and buy their support, and in my eyes is that not fraud and bribery?? Why is it allowed to go on?

The Louisville, Kentucky, home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (pictured above in Washington, DC, on Wednesday) was vandalized on Saturday
Mitch McConnell

Nancy Pelosi had her mansion vandalised as not enough is being done to help people who are struggling, and I don’t condone the vandalism especially following the BLM and Antifa, but these people are desperate.

Police sources told the outlet that cops were called out to reports of vandalism at the House Speaker's property in the early hours of New Year's Day. Her home as it normally looks above
Pelosi’s £5.4 million dollar mansion. The vandalism caused to her home.
Nancy Pelosi ’s San Francisco home has been vandalized with red paint, a pigs head and a spray painted message about $2,000 checks, according to TMZ

Pelosi is requesting that the Senate pay out $2,000 instead of $600. This is the same amount that President Trump was asking for and she turned it down along with her chums and now she wants to hand the money out. Who does she think she is? People in the United States of America could have had this money if she had gotten off her high horse and helped Donald.

Pelosi has been calling for the second round of stimulus checks to be increased from $600 to $2,000 – an amount also proposed by Donald Trump, but the efforts have so far fallen short with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday blocking the Democrats’ standalone bill to send the checks to Americans.   McConnell told Pelosi the Senate won’t be ‘bullied’ into passing it, dashing hopes of the higher checks being sent out to Americans.  

She must take as much blame as McConnel because her hatred of Donald Trump has left people on the verge of bankruptcy, on the verge of starvation and losing everything but they don’t care on Capitol Hill…..after all politics pays very handsomely and they are not suffering.

They do not understand the anguish that people are going through. Parents who are worrying everyday that their children could be left homeless, or they cannot afford to eat or pay for the basic of things and again those politicians on Capitol Hill don’t care because they cannot understand what the people are going through.

After all they are wealthy enough to get through this and after all its not as if its their money but it is the money belonging to the people of the United States of America. It is a pity that they do not have a Rishi Sunak who would have helped them out….instead they got a hard faced woman whose bigotry and hatred has held up the bail out and a male politician who has no understanding of the continued pain that the people are going through, and they are playing political ping pong with peoples lives.

Sadly, they have voted in even worse and the United States of America will implode….so maybe not getting a trade deal with them so quickly is a good thing.