Defying Expectations.

I decided to put off writing about Boris and the EU Deal until I had chance to read all the reports coming out and the usual MSM anti Boris comments……

I am disappointed on the fish but realise that we have to build up our fleet as it had been all but eliminated by the EU and now we have the chance over the next 5 years to boost our numbers yet again.

Boris has confounded all those who said he could not get a deal within 11 months. The nay sayers who said he was not disciplined enough and acted like a buffoon…..well now he has again put them back in their box as he has done what he has said he will do and it was oven ready for Christmas.

The economy will bounce back in 2021 helped by the post-Brexit trade deal, experts said last night. Pictured is Boris Johnson on Christmas Eve
The Prime Minister.

Fiscal expectations are that we will outstrip France next year by some 23% and you know this is going to cause some serious issues for Macron and he knows it, and the French people know it and he is going to get into some trouble especially if he tries to act the hard man of Europe, and he is failing. I wonder who we will see as the next President of France as it won’t be him.

We have taken back control of our laws, we have taken back control of our contracts, and we have taken back control of our borders and yes our waters as we have to be seen to be fair and show the rest of the world that unlike the EU who tried to destroy our fishing industry, we are giving Europe and especially the French time to make other arrangements and they can still fish in our waters so long as they have a permit, and only after our fishermen have the quota.

There are those who are saying that we will end up in negotiations for years and the doom and gloom but contractual agreements always end up with negotiations going on and on and on, that is the nature of working with other countries.

This deal is a good deal and I am delighted as it is worth over £600 billion and what is there not to like about that. Even Mr Points of Sue was relieved as he always buys French cars and I said if no deal then no French car but even I can see the benefit of this deal.

As I have said again and again we don’t dislike the people of Europe. The people who have come to make this place their home and who are working and paying taxes like the rest of us are more than welcome. Those who have come here thinking they have hit the land of milk and honey can go home as they are a burden we do not want and that is just not those from Europe either. My neighbours are Slovakian and Polish and lovely people and they are learning our customs and I am learning theirs and that can only be a good thing as a country that does not welcome good hard working people can never expand, and we can only benefit from their work ethics and for me it has been the EU monstrosity that has been the problem.

It is above all a Franco German run institution as almost all the top roles are generally given to these two countries, and they make sure that their countries reap the benefits and the other countries are viewing this and I wonder who will be the next to leave. I am hoping it is Poland or Italy as they have had enough and just look how you can blossom outside of the EU and blossom we will. The EU will run its course over the next 10 years and the larger it wants to expand then the larger the problems of those states who just don’t seem to benefit from the contracts….and who in the end will actually have to pay in more than they take out for once.

The EU have only 56 contracts and we in the United Kingdom now have 59 and we are growing and we have taken back our role of having the 5th largest economy in the World, and considering our land mass that is a magnificent achievement. Can you imagine if we were the size of America or Russia? We will always succeed because we are who we are and we have a sense of fair play too and the World can now see that.

As for Boris he has my support wholeheartedly and even Nigel Farage has said he will accept the deal, and he is the biggest Eurosceptic going.

I would have preferred no deal but then I am bombastic and disliked the way the EU were treating us as it was rude and disrespectful, but Lord Frost and wily old Boris Johnson are the perfect people to have done this as they knew they would have to give but they also expected to take. They have performed nothing short of a miracle and Labour knows, the SNP know it and the rest of the opposition know it.

Starmer is having troubles of his own as some of his own MPs are already stating they will vote against it, but then Labour were always against the deal and Starmer led that from the front, and Mrs Sturgeon North of the Border is chucking her own tantrum stating that this deal proves there must be a 2nd referendum but she knows and we know that with the financial prosperity that is coming Scotland will benefit and she will see her dream just disappear as Scotland will want to enjoy the perks of this newly found wealth.

As for Boris well he has proved to be a fantastic politician. It has cost 2 previous Conservative PMs their job. David Cameron when he walked, and the disastrous Mrs May who thankfully was gotten rid off….but in the end the right person took the job and has passed with flying colours.

Well done Boris now onwards and upwards and Great Britain is open for business.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks to President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen via video link yesterday
The Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks to President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen 

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