This cash for peerages has to stop.

I am very fastly becoming extremely disillusioned with the whole political game and especially the actors who have a prominent part, and pretty much see that one party is as bad as the other for their cronyism and awarding peerages for money or to friends.

The system is being abused for gain and it is time it was stopped as we the taxpayers are being abused and scammed in a way as we are being forced to pay for people that we don’t want in there, and what’s even worse is that we have no control over it.

Another day and another person goes to the Lords and who is only going there because he has given £3.5 million to a political party. This time sadly it is the Conservative party and Boris has duly awarded a man whose donation is really a drop in the ocean for his wealth, and very very tax deductable….so we are paying twice in effect.

The disappointment in question is one Peter Cruddas who was a former Tory Co-treasurer. His award was objected to by the Committee who overseas such issues, and Boris Johnson himself over-ruled it despite Mr Cruddas resigning as Conservative co-treasurer in 2012 after it was claimed he offered access to then PM David Cameron and then Chancellor George Osborne.

Something stinks at the heart of any Government when they start dishing these awards out for nothing more than money.

City Tycoon Peter Cruddas

There are going to be 16 more Lords from the New Year and this is going to take it to about 800 and these new 16 alone are going to cost us £1/2 million a year on top of the cost of the rest of them. If you go off how much the 16 cost, then the whole lot is round about £25 million a year. Outrageous and ridiculous and the Lords should not be a paid position….that will stop a lot of them in their tracks, infact make them stand for election and that will drain the swamp even further as what can they offer? Nothing.

The Lords is past its sell by date if people who have to stand down due to a controversy end up at the heart of our political system just because he or she opens their cheque book or writes a whitewash report like Chakrabarti and the anti-semetism in Labour. The people who are supposed to sit in this chamber are meant to be beyond reproach and how unfair that someone who can buy their peerage gets to sit in judgement on this country and makes decisions that way. It stinks…the whole ruddy system stinks.

The whole British establishment is rotten from top to bottom and I for one honestly thought that Boris Johnson was different from that. The day he was elected I was so pleased as we had given the boot to the most left wing dangerous man this country had sadly had the dishonour to stand for PM, and I thought that things can only get better.

It was not a case of voting just for Brexit as I have always been a Conservative voter but these times and this cash for honours is trying my loyalty to the nth degree. Of course we have the usual Labour voices shouting that this is nothing more than a reward for Johnsons chums but let’s not forget there are 6 new Labour peers now and they are adding to the bursting tax payer con that is the House of Lords, so when any opposition starts I treat that with the same contempt as there will be plenty of peerages for the Labour donors too, especially those socialists who are the retiring trade union leaders. Men of the people…yeah!!!!! The hypocrisy amongst all the parties leaves a sour taste in the mouth of voters.

We here the usual rubbish statement that they have served this country but lets face it in reality they serve themselves, always have done and always will do.

These peerages must be removed from the Prime Minister or any Prime Minister as this is nothing more than the scandal of Lloyd George again where if you gave enough cash then you got to sit in the House of Lords. Corruption then and corruption now.

It seems that honour doesn’t come into it. After all why have we not given peerages to those brave servicemen and women who really have done something for their country. Instead we have Prime Ministers giving out knee-jerking peerages to people who really shouldn’t be in there and who do it for nothing more than a PR stunt, and then even worse the bought ones or failed politicians who got the boot.

The House of Lords in its present state needs to go. It needs to be drained right the way through. Oh don’t get me wrong there are some people in there such as Baroness Giselle Stewart who I believe should be there, but there are others such as Zac Goldsmith who got it for losing his seat….which bit of getting kicked out of the parliamentary seat means they go up to the Lords? Oh yes forgot when the Prime Minister is your chum.

It is sickening and it is an ever increasing cost that we cannot afford.

The Prime Minister should not be allowed to abuse this and any bought for peerage must be automatically barred from the House of Lords, after all what is that telling the next generation of voters? You too can access the top if you throw enough money in the right place! When in reality it is the working population who are being landed with the bill. It is not right that this burden is placed on us yet again.

I started saying I am disappointed and I am….tremendously and it will get no better who ever becomes Prime Minister. As lets face it, if the party continues to lose in the Lords they just swamp it again with more people who will vote their way and that is an abuse of power and it has to be stopped. I just don’t want to pay anymore and neither should I imagine millions of others.

I honestly thought that Boris Johnson was different and sadly he is no better and absolute power is corrupting only 12 months in. I thought it would take longer than this if at all and to be proved wrong is something that is frustrating, saddening and maddening for me. Will we ever get a truly honourable ruling elite I wonder?

It seems we have a rotten parliament and a rotten upper chamber and nobody wants to do anything about it as the next Prime Minister will abuse that gift, and the next and the next.

Wouldn’t it be wonderfully radical if just once a British Prime Minister awarded to peerages to those who had really worked hard for the benefit of the country and not themselves.

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