Why does this man never shut up?

It is absolutely embarrassing that a so called member of the House of Lords is almost hysterical with his calls to re-join the European Union.

Lord Adonis has never stood for election, never really had any job that made him accountable to the voters and who has spent a lifetime living off the taxpayers money, and to top of the insult he was given his peerage just because he was a chum of Tony Blairs…it is embarrassing. He is embarrassing and he is endless in his calls for us to go back to the EU.

Brexit news: Lord Adonis claimed the re-joining the EU is best for the UK
Lord Adonis

This man sits in the House of Lords and that is a crime in itself as he has never put the United Kingdom first. He has been endlessly whinging about how we will fail outside of the European Union, and has asked for call after call to listen to him. The question I want to ask him is why on earth should we? He stood as an MEP and came last….absolutely last and the people gave him the answer of what they think of him and he should have no say whatsoever, he is just not important and he needs to learn this and quickly. In the scheme of things Adonis is not important and I know and he knows that he will never stand for any form of election again. People just do not like him.

I understand that as an unelected unaccountable individual that he might have a problem with the word DEMOCRACY, but it is outrageous that he is allowed to be a Lord of the Realm when he is actively working against this country. Is there no cell in the Tower of London for such people?

He first allegiance should be to this country and its people but he cannot see through his remainer tears that he is now starting to look foolish and desperate, very desperate. If a member of the House of Lords cannot recognise that a majority won the Brexit vote then we are in trouble especially with people like minded in the Lords and quite frankly he and they should be ejected from there.

Lord Andrew Adonis claimed the best policy for the UK is to “re-join” the EU. Lord Adonis said: “It is obvious that the best policy for Britain today would be to re-join the European Union.”  I am flabbergasted that he cannot see that we have already signed 58 contracts without the millstone of the EU around our neck. We do not need 27 other countries deciding whether to sign off the contract and one throwing a tantrum and refusing if they don’t get what they want. We have none of that and it is obvious where our best policy lies and that is enforcing the will of the people and getting us out of the EU.

It is now about time that the Prime Minister looked at the democracy haters in the Lords and drain the swamp in there as we the people did with the Commons in the last election. It is an archaic institution and ridiculous that people who are unelected should have any say in how this country runs. Make them stand for election and more than 2/3rds of those who sit in the Lords won’t be going back to their tax funded gravy train and then we will have a true democracy, and a lot of financially poor peers.

The Lords is not there for failed politicians to be given a seat by their chum in power, nor is it to be used for those who give a political party millions, or in the case of Adonis getting a seat just because he hung around Blair for years. The Lords should be there to ensure the will of the people is enacted and scrutinise it by all means but to do it with the will of the people in mind.

Whilst we have endless whinging people like Adonis in the Lords, it is showing to be nothing more than an expensive waste of time and I for one will not be sorry to see the back of it. It is past its sell by date as are most of the Lords and we need to get rid of it and especially Adonis.