Why are the French so het up?

More and more headlines of the French getting so het up at the prospect of No Deal regarding Brexit. Why are the French so bothered if it affects us? Surely they would be happy at the prospect of us suffering or could it be that the mask is slipping from the French Government and they are now panicking…..

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Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister for Economic Affairs, raged “Brexit is madness” as London and Brussels remain locked in talks in a last-ditch attempt to agree to a trade deal before the transition period deadline expires on December 31.  Then he drones on endlessly about the effect it will have on us British.

Again why is he bothered? I cannot believe that the French are even the slightest bit concerned about us!

We know what the problem is and that is the little Napoleon wannabe across the water has played chicken and lost as he did not expect Boris to know his little game and he did not blink. Hence the almost hysterical whinging from the French.

Macron knows that his failure to deliver on the fishing grounds will cost him his Presidency and I have read again and again the rubbish that we will run out of food. Does the French Government honestly think the farmers are going back to Macron, who is famously wealthy against their own potential financial ruin? If he thinks that, then he does not know his own people as nobody is going to foolishly follow his way of doing things just because he tells them too. Note for Macron….you have to have the stature of a statesman to get people to follow you and believe in you and Macron does not have it….not one bit.

The French will want to continue selling to us and without tariffs and it will be the same with us as we will continue to send our goods to the EU and why!!! It is simple really as the people will want to continue. We have no argument with the people of Europe and they know that and it is only the politicians who are causing this fall out as usual. If the people of Europe and Great Britain could get together without the interference of their EU politicians, then this would have been sorted as no politician on the European side is doing it for the good of the people but rather to protect their own gravy train and that of the others around them. After all don’t forget that new MEPs welcomed into the parliament are told that they have now arrived with the “Elite” in Europe, and in trust communist style they have their own shopping mall which the taxpayer cannot shop in….the parliamentarians are almost saying “cannot have those type mixing with the Elite”.

Macron knows that he will be finished without a deal and yet he refuses to even acknowledge that the more he digs in, the more we will dig in and we must have our Sovereignty. After all just because the majority of Europe has given it up doesn’t mean we will and how many other independent nations have they told must have this close alignment and take the rules? None. It is again Germany and France trying to rule Europe and they are frightened to death that we will make a success of it, and make a success of it we will and then we will see the whole corrupt deck of cards fall. They know that and we know that and where does that leave the likes of Macron and his screeching underling then? Yep out of a job but these people always make sure they are leaving with lots and lots of the taxpayers money…..so don’t feel sorry for them.

The minister used a phrase from the late author John le Carré to brand the UK’s departure from the bloc as a “political, economic and historical folly”. When asked during an interview with France Info TV about the possible impact of a no-deal Brexit, Le Maire bluntly replied: “The big Brexit losers will be the British.”

Again, I don’t understand the whinging and wailing that he is doing. Surely he would keep quiet and hope that we will be the losers as that would be a sharp lesson to the others, but he is wrong and he knows he is wrong. They are petrified as they know that the rest of the EU is watching us and those countries who have been stitched up by the politicians in Brussels are just waiting to see how we get on and they will make the decision to leave then.

They know, we know and the French screaming girly Le Maire knows that we will succeed and that when countries like Poland, Hungary, Italy and Greece see that they will have their own exit and rather quicker than we did. Mind you, France will have its own issues when Marie Le Penn gets in and France will be out as again she is waiting to see how we get on….she knows…..and she wants out of the EU.

My mother used to say those who cry foul the loudest are the ones with the most to lose and the French know it and we know it and the best thing he can do is keep quiet as currently he is looking incredibly foolish on the world stage, and all I can offer him is lots and lots of handkerchiefs for his endless tears, and the happy picture of me with a glass of bubbly on New Years Eve to not only welcome another year but to see the back of politicians like him having any say in my country.

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