Take a moment…

As we edge more and more to a No Deal and WTO terms, let’s spare a thought for remainers. The 48% who cannot and will not accept that they lost a democratic vote by the people for the people.

I am not here to gloat at their unhappiness, as they do feel desperately unhappy as how else do you explain their willingness to ride roughshod over a democratic referendum, and spend all that time and money working against the will of the people, but it is over and democracy has triumphed as democracy always must as otherwise there will be no freedom and instead there would be a long slippery road to dictatorship. If this had happened then Great Britain would have been changed and not for the better.

I can’t help thinking and have taken sound bites that if remain had won, the majority of leavers would have accepted it as the will of the people.

We would have been unhappy but no way would we have behaved in such an appalling manner, and why?…Simple we believe in a democratic vote and that the vote must be honoured. Sadly, those who lost have not done that.

Now is the time to come together as Great Britain’s and have faith in our country, because if you don’t have faith and pride in this awesome country then you appreciate very little.

Our beloved beautiful country has come about by the blood, sweat and tears of many generations who came before us, and until you can understand the cost put into this country by so many others you will continue to view those wishing for Sovereignty as ruining the future, when in reality we are saving the future and saving our country.

We are saving the future for our children and their children as they will be able through their voting at 18, have a say in how this country is run. They will be able to shape the politics of this country, and act at the very heart of the mother of all democracy if they choose to do so.

We will at last be free of the shackles that bound us to the most corrupt entity in modern European history, ensuring that all laws made are for the benefit of Great Britain and are done so by the players we chose to put in parliament, and not unelected unanswerable faceless foreigners who have no idea what it means to be British, and who show their true colours by threatening like playground bullies or wannabe gangsters.

We will not need an apology from the remainers, we do not want their thanks for giving them back the freedom of a democratic nation, but what we do want is to come together as Great Britain to make this beautiful country successful.

After all together there is nothing we cannot achieve, and if you cannot accept democracy and work with us to make this work then I feel pity for you.

I feel pity that you cannot look round this beautiful Island, this jewel amongst other countries, this home of democracy and fair play…..and say yes we will make it work, then I pity you as you will never know the true happiness and meaning of being a Great Britain.