Campbell and his drift from reality….

Poor Alistair Campbell going on endlessly that we didn’t know what we voted for, and that we were lied too….yawn yawn yawn

It’s a bit rich coming from a man who lied in a dossier to take us illegally into a war for his master. We know that Campbell and his cronies hate the vote, but come on Alistair you are getting boring now, infact tediously boring. Infact Alistair you are a bore.

I find it amazing that an unelected unanswerable underling like him can lie and send in our military to fight, yet has no faith in our economic ability.

I would have to question whether he knows his arse from his elbow.

However I am going to set up a fund for Alistair so that he can have endless supplies of dummies and diapers for his baby tantrums.

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