The Labour party and its new low….

I was particularly delighted that Sir Lindsay Hoyle won the speakers seat after the previous one had dragged it into the gutter. Sir Lindsay is a Labour MP and although I would never vote Labour, he is for me one of those genuine people that we need to see more of in Parliament. He is an honourable man and carries the Duties of Speaker with poise, respect and impartiality.

Anyway, Sir Lindsay who is holding the position of Speaker in the most professional manner was given a full insight into the current batch of thoroughly nasty Labour MPs that seems to be the new norm.

Chris Byrant is reported to have sworn at the Speaker himself…..and it ended in OFF…..

Labour MP Chris Bryant (file picture) reportedly swore at Speaker Lindsay Hoyle - though he denies making the comment
Chris Bryant

What is so shocking is that this man was a former Vicar and that is not a very Christian way to speak to anyone. Shame on him.

Sir Lindsay not wanting to make a mountain out of a molehill has asked the Labour Whip to oversee the complaint and deal with it, but can we really expect anything different from such a nasty party?

After all this is the party that has protected murderers, rapists, paedophiles and drug dealers with their MPs letter demanding those due to be removed stay, and then we have the vile anti-semetism that the party took part in and where it was allowed to flourish. We had the Labour MPs spending years calling Brexiteers like me a racist and as thick as gammon….of course egged on by their charming momentum supporters.

So I guess mouthing off at the Speaker is quite tame for a Labour Party MP and I can already tell the Speaker the outcome….it will be white washed and brushed under the carpet as Labour always do.

Yesterday's row seemed to begin after Sir Lindsay took exception to Mr Bryant's 'chuntering' during the Prime Minister's address and told him to stop standing so close to other members