One of Britain’s top Judges has told those who criticise sentences handed out must stop.

The country's most senior judge Lord Burnett (pictured) yesterday demanded an end to criticism of the judiciary for handing serious criminals 'soft' sentences
The country’s most senior judge Lord Burnett (pictured) yesterday demanded an end to criticism of the judiciary for handing serious criminals ‘soft’ sentences

Lord Burnett has stated that the “kneejerk” reactions to the sentences must be stopped.

Lord Burnett, the Head of the Judiciary in England and Wales, said: ‘Occasionally judges go wrong. We operate in public and state our reasons for making our decisions. Anyone is at liberty to disagree and can do so explaining why.  ‘But unreasoned or, worse, ignorant or ill-informed criticism from apparently authoritative quarters tends wrongly to erode confidence in the administration of justice. That is corrosive and harmful.’

Well your honour what is more harmful is jailing people on the lightest of sentences, giving them 50% off and releasing them back into the population to commit even more crime. That is corrosive and harmful to any civilised community and we are sick of it.

He states that people should refrain from knee-jerk criticism of a judge for applying the law and guidelines when they produce a sentence the commentator wishes were more severe.’  Well in my opinion if they gave out the sort of rulings that we expect then there would be no criticism, so why are they not doing it?

The demand, in a speech to lawyers, follows protests over the sentences handed to three teen burglars who killed PC Harper in Berkshire last year. He suffered catastrophic injuries after his ankles got caught in a strap attached to their getaway car. Driver Henry Long was jailed for 16 years and accomplices Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole for 13 years after they were convicted of manslaughter.

Well I am sorry your honour but I don’t really care about the hurt feelings of any member of the judiciary. What I do care about is that our legal system has become a laughing stock. These dregs of society are almost guaranteed 50% of their sentences from day one and that is outrageous.

How can a person who murders a baby get so little? Manslaughter….ridiculous, since when can a baby fight back? Its murder, murder, murder and they should be hanging from a rope. How can a paedophile who has 80,000 images of children in the most severe of categories get off with a slap on the wrist or such a low jail term? The victims do not receive any form of justice and the light sentences make it even worse, its almost as if their suffering didn’t matter.

How can a person who kills someone with a knife or a gun get so little a sentence? It goes on and on and on. The Judges are not giving the public what they demand and that is a sentence that matches the seriousness of the crime.

If you murder a policeman or a child then for me you should hang, but we know the lily livered MPs in Parliament won’t vote for that….so jail them for life and life should mean life. Take the case of the Philpotts’. Mairead Philpott murdered her 6 children….THAT’S 6 CHILDREN and she along with her husband and sex friend took the lives of innocent children and she is out in 8 years…that is 1 year and 4 months per child…..those children were let down by their parents, the state and now the law. She should never have gotten out. Never mind given a couple of months in a half way house, yoga lessons and a new life at our expense. This is not justice.

It is not justice in my eyes and it is not justice in the eyes of the majority and no wonder we make complaints and comments as we are totally fed up at out of touch Judges and the out of touch judicial system letting these monsters walk.

If you want people to stop the criticism then take a step back and realise that what we ask for is justice nothing more and nothing less and if you cannot give that….then hand over to someone who will, otherwise we will have what we are currently going through a rise in crime get much worse. After all what is there to be frightened of if you are breaking it? Certainly not the sentencing and certainly not being made to pay for their crime as there is none.

I am and always will be a law abiding citizen but the faith I have in the laws and judiciary of this land has evaporated as for the ordinary people the law is not on our side…not really.