Mind you it must be great to be a union leader…those lovely expenses for starters….

Britain's most powerful union chief Len McCluskey (right) is embroiled in a cronyism row over a reported £35million property deal. The site is under construction by the Flanagan group, which is run by chief executive Paul Flanagan (left)

Len McCluskey is embroiled in a situation where a hotel…yep a hotel from your union subs is being built. It is being built by a chum of Mr McCluskey and what was at one time going to cost £7 million is now reported to be nearer £35 million. ~Wow that is 5 times the original cost. Where are the items coming from? The other side of the world? What are the fixtures consisting of gold taps? Marble floors? Antique furniture?

Len McCluskey is under fire from members of his leadership team concerned about a hotel and conference centre being built for the unite union. A union source claimed officials had refused to answer questions over allegations of spiralling costs and delays at the site in Birmingham, and true to McCluskey style he obviously feels he does not have to explain to anyone what he is doing.

Remember how free he is with the subs money having paid for lavish dinners on the union credit card and getting all those lovely allowances form the subs that some of you in some cases struggle to pay. Must be great representing the workers when they pay for all the pleasures you can think of. What till he starts sniffing for a Peerage….after all why pay yourself when you can continue to get others to do it!

The hotel being built by the Flanagan Group was due to open in March and the company runs bars, restaurants and hotels in Merseyside and has won major construction and development contracts from Unite and the city council. How lovely for them.

The Flanagan Group was started by a plumber who is now turned into a millionaire developer.

Mr McCluskey’s has stated that his union salutes the Flanagan Group as its ‘go-to building firm’ in a testimonial on the company’s official website. The Unite tribute states: ‘We’ve worked with FBMS (the Flanagan Group) over a number of years, and trust implicitly their ability to complete jobs on time, on budget, and to the most stringent procedural and health and safety practices. ‘Good communicators and experienced professionals, they are our go-to firm for the maintenance and modernisation of Unite premises, across the UK.’ I guess whoever McCluskey decided got the job….gets the job. After all he can spend the money of the supporters…..its his union. I do hope however that there has been independent decisions made when using this company and that all bids and tenders were completed properly, and that they are just not the only “go to firm” that Unite use. After all, I am sure he wants this to be above board and totally proper.

A unite source has stated that he wants to know why the cost has risen considerably….but we all know that any questions they have will be pushed away by McCluskey whilst he is sipping champagne at London’s top restaurants and bars….whilst the members pick up his bill and the rising cost of the hotel.

Very profitable being a Union Leader.