Now I don’t know about you, but it is not very statesmanlike to try and blackmail a Sovereign nation that is willing to work with you.

It seems the EU President has put demanded full access to our waters for the EU fishing industry and in return they would allow us 6 months for freight and some air travel in return for ongoing access to UK waters. True to form of the EU…they want to give us the minimum whilst demanding the maximum.

No wonder Tory MPs have reacted with fury as this is nothing short of an insult to this country as a Sovereign nation.

From 2300hrs on the 31st December 2020 the EU and its fishing industry have no rights to fish in our waters and we must stringently enforce this. We had offered the EU some concessions but Boris was demanding that the United Kingdom fishing industry have the bulk of the access to our own waters and Barnier insisted we only have 18%. I don’t know of any Sovereign nation who would agree to our waters being plundered whilst we are allowed less than 1/5. Who does he think he is dealing with…Theresa May?

The EU are not even offering full air services but chosen ones, and we cannot trust the EU as they are known liars and lets face it they ignore democracy at the best of times and force countries to re-run votes until they get the answer they want. That is why the EU is a dictatorship and they are still trying their snake in the grass tactics even knowing we have left.

The EU are stating that roads and freight will remain open so long as its reciprocal and this could be done permanently and not on a 6 months contract, and to threaten otherwise shows the bullying almost mafia like techniques of the European Union.

The trade off the commission said it was proposing ‘to create the appropriate legal framework’ for ‘continued reciprocal access by EU and UK vessels to each other’s waters after 31 December 2020’ – or until a ‘fisheries agreement with the UK has been concluded’. It will never be concluded as the EU will not want to conclude. They do not understand the words to give and take and allow a fair trade, they want it all and they don’t know compromise, and they definitely do not understand the words Sovereign nation and it is ultimately our decision who accesses our waters to fish.

You cannot talk to people who are not willing to listen and the EU will not listen.

The deadlock on Brexit is continuing today despite the last-ditch diplomacy from Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen, pictured in Brussels last night
The British PM and EU President

Tory MP David Jones, one of the heads of the influential Eurosceptic ERG group, told MailOnline: ‘The EU’s proposals confirm that they have still not come to terms with the fact that we are no longer a member state.  They are proposing arrangements that benefit them more than they do us, but are still demanding that we adhere to their level playing field.  They are demanding our fish while offering nothing of substance in return.  This is outrageous conduct – almost blackmail – and our government should have nothing to do with it.’

The plans emerged as Dominic Raab accused the EU of failing to respect ‘democracy’ by demanding unacceptable concessions on UK Sovereignty.

The EU are never going to accept Sovereignty and for that alone we must walk and show them they are not dealing with a vassal state but a truly independent one.