Can you imagine if Trump Jr had any dodgy dealings….my god the MSM would be screaming it from every roof top and yet we find out that the investigations into dodgy Biden Jr were hidden so that it would not affect the voting public.

Wow how much more information do we need that the MSM are the ones producing fake news and maybe, just maybe President Trump was right. They write so many untruths about the current President and hide the truths about the incoming one and his family.

It does not take the brains of an Archbishop to realise that there has been an agenda from the beginning with the mainstream media to trash everything that Donald does, even when he is in the right but because he doesn’t fit into their woke snowflake agenda they went on the attack.

Hunter Biden (left) is being probed over his business dealings with China, CNN reported. President-elect Joe Biden (right) isn't under investigation, sources told the network
The Bidens

We have learnt a lot about the Biden Jr and that is he likes hookers, crack pipes, and dealings with despots and never mind his personal life…….. Cross his palm with silver and you can access his dad. Is this really acceptable in the family of the President of the United States of America? Mind you don’t forget his father does sniff 8 to 13 year old girls. Is there anybody else that finds that totally repulsive? I am still in shock that the good people of the United States of America would vote him in. Mind you, the snowflake liberals hated Donald that much that they were prepared to look past that.

Ask yourself would you leave him with your 8 year old? If not…why trust him with the Presidency of the United States?

An earlier statement was put out by Biden Jr Wednesday saying he is under federal investigation over his taxes. I learned yesterday for the first time that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware advised my legal counsel, also yesterday, that they are investigating my tax affairs,’ . This is just the start and can there be more of a demand into this man and his dealings as I got terribly bored at the demands for an investigation into the Trump children.

America has now voted in the most inept man into the top job and he is only warming it for Harris as there is a plan here and the United States of America is going to suffer, and in the meantime America will lurch from crisis to crisis. He has no clue for handling the Covid crisis and he will continually bend to the terrorist organisations making demands for change in America. He has already capitulated once and it gets easier for him a second or third time and it is coming. There will be a war yet as when a President is losing the plot and the economy that happens next….but remember Donald Trump has not caused one war.

In the meantime as a writer I cannot wait for the stories to come out on the Biden family, as it will make Donald Trump and his family look like angels and we all know it is coming. The fraud, the bribery, the shocking private life and the selling of America to the highest bidder.

We all know the saying be careful what you wish for ….. and America… voted him in and God help you.