The short answer is NO.

The problem is that the majority of Northerners such as me see is that we cannot afford to be Socialists as only the wealthy seem to be drawn to the party, and they are essentially the party of London and they are London-centric.

The party keep trying to say they are not a London-centric party yet the first thing they do is pick yet another Leader who is from the M25 area. Does he actually know what goes on North of the Watford Gap?

They survey was carried out a year after Labour’s worst general election results since 1935.
Picture reproduced from the Guardian newspaper.

Labour faces a continuous decline in its traditional heartlands unless it challenges “an enduring perception of us as ineffective, complacent or indifferent”, a stark report by a group of the party’s MPs has warned.

There was an obvious Jeremy Corbyn effect on people who voted as no decent person would have voted for a terrorist loving anti semite and he put a lot of people off. I can remember a Labour canvasser telling me the election would be close, and I told him don’t be so silly as there was no way people would vote for him. I was proved right and I must admit to feeling quite smug as the thought of Corbyn as PM made people shudder.

The Labour party then swapped Corbyn for Starmer and in a way he is worse. With Corbyn you knew what he was thinking as he told you but General Disaster just sits on the fence all the time. The only instance of him taking an immediate response was capitulating to BLM and then when it blew up in his face he tried to talk himself out of it.

The report warns: “If not addressed, these figures signal a continuous decline. The constituencies and communities, which for so long we took for granted, have fundamentally changed. “These places began to fall to the Tories in 2017 before leaving Labour en masse in 2019. Unless we recognise how and why, there is a potential that they may be lost for good. Without understanding what isn’t working for us on a local level, we cannot hope to win back power nationally.”

The thing is that the Labour party now has an awful lot of middle class people in its ranks and they have money. I was not kidding when I stated that I cannot afford to be a socialist and Labour has no idea of what makes a working person tick. They do not understand and the Shadow Front Bench are worth more than the Conservative Government and these people are supposed to represent the working class and poor. I doubt many of them have worked in any working class roles, instead leaving University then becoming researchers and then gifted a safe seat, or you leave University and walk straight into a Union Job as in the Case of the one MP because her Daddy runs it, and then gifted a seat by Uncle Jeremy…. That seems to be the way they all do it. Has anyone actually earned the right to stand in the Election?

I wonder how many of them actually now what it is to work 60 hours plus as there seems to be an abundance of 2nd jobs.

The 10,000-word document says Labour’s “long retreat” from the north of England can be traced back to Tony Blair’s landslide in 1997 and some of the voters lost since 2017 “will be very difficult to get back”. It suggests Labour produce a fully-costed “northern manifesto” at every general election, appoint a shadow minister for the north of England, develop an alternative levelling-up agenda and “embrace inclusive northern and national identities … reflecting patriotism and pride in a diverse northern identity”. The real issue is that the Labour party hate patriotism and they will do anything to get rid of a pride and belief in this country. We have seen them mocking those who fly the Flag of St George and those who fly the Union Flag. Patriotism to the Labour is a dirty word that in their addled minds mean racism and right wing. Labour will never understand patriotism because they fight so hard against it.

A survey carried out for the report laid bare the challenge: “All our survey responses described huge pride in their local areas, and how we were often seen to ignore this.” The report urges Labour not to “get drawn into debates on divisive cultural issues” because it will alienate more socially moderate voters in northern seats if the party is seen as prioritising “divisive questions of identity and culture” over jobs and the economy. The “real danger” for Labour is the cultural divide developing between the “red wall” seats the party lost in recent elections and among the younger voters in diverse cities where it is dominant. This is where Labour will lose again as there is a growing divide on cultural issues. We have seen cities where the minority are now white and where they feel they have been totally abandoned by Labour. Diversity will not work when you have alienated those very people who are born here in favour of immigrants do not understand our way of living and who struggle to fit in themselves, yet when complaints are made because there is a real fear these British people are ridiculed and called racists. The worse culprits are the Labour party because anyone who doesn’t agree with their outlook on the world are automatically branded racists, xenophobes and any other insulting term they can use. This has lead to the cultural divisions we have now and that is because the rights of some of the people have been walked over for the sake of diversity and this doesn’t work.

Labour cannot see that and this is why they will lose again and again and again.

It adds: “We have much work to do to re-establish trust with former voters. We should achieve this not by casting back to a past era, but by making sure we listen to their concerns and aspirations, and more often tune our policies and outlook to their priorities. “The greatest risk for Labour is that, in this newly-turbulent politics, we fail to listen to our former voters make efforts to reconnect with them, and allow another party to build lasting links.” (the Guardian)

Labour will always turns away from the working class voters of the North because the latte sipping snowflakes who live in the big cities will make demands of the party that will be repugnant to the voters, and to ensure they keep their hold on the metropolitan cities Labour will once again ignore the voters of the North…but they do so at their own peril.

My own personal point of view is that with Keir Starmer at the helm, the Labour party are never going to be taken seriously as how can you take a leader serious when he has no opinion, abstains constantly and refuses to act as the Leader of the Opposition.