The Sussex’s will be presenting the “Wokies” award by kind permission of themselves….

How laughable that the Sussex’s have now decided to have their very own awards and according to their PR it will be a rival to the Queens awards. To ensure that it is not mistaken for the real thing it is going to be called the “Wokies” and first picture of the awards are shown below.

It will be presented to people whose causes are those of the Duke and Duchess. In other words how much money they have made for the Sussex’s causes. Don’t forget it is a charitable foundation and only 5% has to go to good causes, the rest can be swallowed up in “admin” costs.

The awards are said to mirror those of the OBE, MBE and knighthoods….wow….has Harry had a breakdown? He is not a King and he does not have a country where he can hand these out. It will be just a worthless something given out by the duo for those who have played the tune of their march. I hope the Queen saves him from himself and his wife in March or he is in real trouble from the ridicule.

Have they never thought that those whose aim is for an award are really going to want something of Harry and say to the Queen “no thanks….his is better”…..they need to get real. For any company to want to be taken seriously a Queens Award is what they are after….not the Sussex “Wokies”.

This is just another attempt at the couple who left the Royal Family for security and privacy to stay in some sort of weird Royal bubble of their own making. Why don’t they just stop and ask advice from the Palace as they have such experience. Good advice is something all of us need at some point, and I am sure HM The Queen would love to give her Grandson some help as she is no doubt hurting at what he is doing and he doesn’t seem to care. Shame on him for doing that knowing his Grandmother has given a life of duty to this country and never once has she complained.

The duo plan to use the Archewell awards to rival that of the centuries old awards here and they are doing it in the very name of the child they were determined to hide from the world. Nothing says a couple is more desperate for staying relevant that these two.

I actually feel so sorry for the Queen as she must wonder what the hell has happened to her Grandson, as he was a much loved member of the family and then he gets married and then……the woke sets in. Maybe they should have checked more on the twice divorced woman who has been planning this. I should imagine no American is ever going to be allowed to marry into the Windsor’s again.

Least surprising news of the world's most surprising year is that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are launching a rival to the Queen's honors list
The Sussex’s

Who will present the “Wokies”? What star studded gala will take this over and will Harry use his son’s plastic sword to dub the new recipient “Sir whatever of La La Land”.

Liontouch 10350LT Foam Toy Sword - Knight toys for kids
The Sword of Sussex (made from soft foam).

Along with the knighthood there will be a stunning award made from costume jewellery to wear proudly at woke gatherings.

Image result for costume jewellery brooches flowers
Available on eBay for those not worthy at the cost of £10 plus P&P

For those who are interested, the first ever photos of the new awards are shown below. The first one for those who benefit the Sussex’s and their causes.

The Palace need to get a grip of Harry as he is obviously under the spell of something . After all they have stated that they want to eradicate poverty whilst his wife was attending a £500K baby shower, and their idea of philanthropy is spending £2.4 million on fixtures and fittings and a £5K copper bath. Never mind the millions spent on a wedding, private jets and holidays and holidays and holidays.

There is nothing says that they are helping the charities more than spending millions on a mansion with 16 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms for just 3, and spending up to a million each year on clothes. The money they spend on her vanity projects of clothes alone could have helped thousands of the poor.

The 2nd one is the environment award which no doubt Woke Harry will want to present after having flown in on a private jet and getting picked up by an SUV to get to the award dinner, and present it to those who have flown in on…yep you guessed it private jets. This will be a special award and only awarded to those who let the Sussex’s fly by their private jet again and again….but who have graciously paid for the carbon offset.

Image result for clown statue on a plane
The Sussex’s environmental award.

The Sussex’s need to realise that they are in a country where nobody has a title and where such awards were banished a long time ago. He might not even get to keep his own title yet if he wants to be an American citizen like his wife is demanding. Nobody with any serious business sense is going to want to do business with them when they could get a better acknowledgement from the Palace. A real award from somebody who represents the people and not themselves.

After all what is a better award? The Wokies or HRH The Prince William Award for Environmental Causes, or the Queens Award for innovation? There will be no coat of arms from the Sussex’s as only the Monarch and the Prince of Wales do that…..

It is a made up something that must be done on fag packet planning or at least I hope it is as nobody coming from the sort of institution that Harry has, can honestly think that what they are doing is not the first step of looking barking mad.

Harry had so much potential before he got married…..what a waste and the Queen, the Prince of Wales and his brother must of wondered what went wrong, and sadly the longer it goes on the more lost is he. All the Sussex’s need now is to fall down a rabbit hole and find the mystical barking world that they so long for.

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