The silence of agreement is deafening from Starmer.

Another day and another nothing from Starmer. No apology to the Windrush Generation for a considerable number of Labour MPs comparing the Governments attempt to deport murderers, rapists and paedophiles to that of the Windrush Generation.

The Windrush Generation were and are victims. They are the victims of a set of rules and stipulations that should never have applied to them and they have served this country faithfully and their hard work has contributed so much that we are lucky to have them here in this country. These fine people have contributed to our schools, our NHS, our social security system, our defence and our police and it is quite right that we are absolutely disgusted that these fine upstanding people are compared by a group of Labour MPs, 3 Labours Lords and numerous woke celebrities to criminals who really should not be here. Is not a form of racism to compare the two in the same sentence just because of their skin colour?

What is even more nauseating is that the Labour Leader is not only sitting on a fence but he has decided to say nothing whilst his MPs insult law abiding citizens, but it seems Starmer is reportedly taking lessons from the campaign team of President-elect Joe Biden on how to avoid becoming embroiled in divisive and voter-repellent “culture war” issues. Hence the Labour leader’s silence and it is not good enough. He is coming across as more and more a weak man.

If he does not state out loud that he is for our lawful ability to rid this country of foreign born criminals who commit murder and rape then what will he stand up for? If we cannot get rid of drug dealers and those who rape and abuse children then what will he stand up for? If he cannot shut down his MPs when they compare a wronged generation of people with the scum who should be deported then who will he stand up for? I can tell you now….its not the victims. He has said nothing about them. It is outrageous.

Mostly Labour MPs signed Lewis’s letter, including Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, Rebecca Long-Bailey, John McDonnell Lloyd Russell-Moyle, (the usual bunch of Labour MPs who hate this country), and celebrities such as Naomi Campbell (who remember has numerous convictions for assault) and Thandie Newton wrote to airlines asking them not to carry out the Home Office’s orders. After a series of legal challenges, 30 criminals were taken off the flight. The Home Secretary should have the legal capacity to over-rule the courts in the interests of National Justice and Security and definitely over the acts of woke idiots.

Diane Abbott is among 70 Labour MPs and peers demanding the cancellation of a deportation flight
Diane Abbott as usual getting it wrong and classing honest, decent hard working folks in the same sentence is disgusting, but then this is the same person who said every time the IRA bombed the UK that it is a good thing…..
Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also backed the #StopThePlane campaign
Corbyn like Abbott backing the usual bottom feeders of this world. When he is not backing rapists, murderers, paedophiles and drug dealers, he is backing terrorist groups and being responsible for the most vile anti-semetism.

A Home Office source said: “We have seen who the Labour Party want to put first; it’s not the victims of horrific crimes like rape, the children who are left without fathers who have been brutally murdered, those whose lives have been ruined by illegal drugs, or the British people who want to feel safe when walking down the street. “It is foreign national offenders that the Labour Party want to put first. Killers. Rapists. Drug dealers. Convicted foreign criminals who have no right to be in this country, free to walk our streets.

This Conservative Government will not let this happen and will never put these criminals first.” Another government source involved in arranging the flight blasted: “This flight makes Con Air look like the Good Ship Lollipop.” (The Sun)

Where is Keir Starmer in all of this? Too busy taking his lessons to look good for the public. He really has no idea especially as we want our politicians to come out and say something, not just like wooden cut outs of themselves and his whole demeanour is wooden. He has done nothing to indicate an opinion either way and instead he takes to hiding again just like he does every time there is a crucial question needs answering? Is this really want the country want in a Leader of the Opposition? A wimp who hides every time a decision needs to be made.

The fact that so many Labour nut job MPs wrote such a letter without the the front bench having any say is very unusual, and I do not believe for one minute that Starmer didn’t know. Did the front bench suddenly take a Keir Starmer tablet and decide to shrink away from anything that looks like confrontation? Do they think that like him if they duck and hide enough it will go away? Well it won’t. He has questions to answer and the first thing he must do is sack those MPs who disgustingly compared the innocent Windrush people against offenders and who put the rights of the offenders above that of the poor victims.

I am so angry that law abiding good people can even be discussed in the same context but that’s Labour for you. Don’t let the chance of standing on some stupid woke ideology that goes against everything decent stop them even if it makes decent people sick.

Even Labour’s National Executive Committee seem to tell off Starmer and Rayner for not signing the letter, writing: “we are alarmed that there has been no comment from you both in response to the deportation flight scheduled for 2nd December… we request that you make a decisive and compassionate intervention.” in other words the Labour NEC supports this country having to put up with murderers, rapists, drug dealers, abusers and paedophiles because it suits their cause. That is the NEC, a large number of MPs and because he has not come out to denounce his MPs then we must assume the Leader and his Deputy support the stance that we have to keep these offenders here.

The Labour Leader cannot just decide to stay silent and hope it will go away as it won’t. He cannot state that he is the man for law and order when his own MPs are protecting the very people that should be kicked out of this country. He cannot say he is the leader for equality as his own MPs are falsely claiming that this is a knock on effect of the Windrush generation when it is not and he cannot stand up for those most in need, as at the first hurdle he has let them down.

Keir Starmer is a weak, weak man and he cannot control his party because he has no control over them. He does not have a single thought other than his rule of thumb, and the MPs must follow blindly everything he tells them too, but we know in reality they are laughing behind his back and it is Corbyn running things still, but then when you have an opposition who would sooner abstain than show any fightback are we really surprised?

Even he must realise that his party is going against everything that is British, as they really dislike this country. They take up the very causes that make the majority of us feel nauseous reading about, after all where was the pity for those who had suffered at the hands of these thugs? There was none and the Labour party cannot have pity for the real victims as it stands in the way of being woke…after all what is a victim when Diane Abbott and her fellow Labour MPs have a cause to jump on for her usual racism bandwagon?

If Keir Starmer thinks that the mark of a good leader and one who belongs in No 10 is to stay quiet then he really has no idea and his stance is even more repugnant than those MPs and Lords who openly helped the perpetrators staying in the country.

Starmer is what Starmer is….a weak man and not fit to even think he is a contention for the role of Prime Minister, especially with that band of MPs behind him. Most of his party to be honest are not even fit for parliament and it is an insult to victims everywhere that they are, and what’s more helping those who commit the most awful crimes shows their lack of sympathy and their disgust for law and order.

The only thing we can draw from his lack of any comment is that his silence agrees with this heinous act by his MPs. As lets face it Starmer couldn’t get on his knee quick enough to capitulate to BLM yet says nothing of comfort to those real victims of crime and his lack of comment shouts volumes.

The bigger question, of course, is what this means for Starmer’s future policies. Many will remember him promising at his party’s conference “never again will Labour go into an election not being trusted on national security”. But his refusal to comment, let alone act, on a matter involving murderers, rapists and violent criminals is hardly going to reassure many voters. (USA News).

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