On the edge of my seat…Please let it be WTO….

Am even watching the BBC news waiting for the latest details from the Government and their Brexit talks, and ignoring the long faces as their EU world collapse.

I am hoping it is a no deal as the EU has been anything put professional in their dealings with a Sovereign Nation. It seems Napoleon across the English Channel wanted 10 years access to our waters and then, and only then will they discuss the fish quotas. Apparently they were looking at giving us 18% of our own waters.

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It is a bigger deal than the fish but it is in fact controlling who comes into our waters and to even state that the French would allow us this small amount is insulting, and did Barnier even think that this would be acceptable?

We want to control access to our waters and our fish.

We do not want any control by any other nation in our courts.

Our courts must have the final say over British matters.

Our Parliament makes our laws.

We do not submit to any of the European Courts rulings.

We decide our own standards and which are normally better than anything the EU has.

We must be able to make our contracts throughout the world without interference from any foreign nation.

We must make our own laws for workers rights, health and safety rights (ours are better than Europe’s), and control our own taxes.

We must above all make Great Britain totally independent and this is something we cannot go back on.

Dealing with the European Union is akin to dealing with someone with 27 personalities and neither one can agree, and it is because of this determination by the EU especially the likes of Macron, Barnier and Verhofstadt that we will walk (I hope), and revert to WTO terms.

Ireland will collapse with a no deal but they must look to where the blame should lie and that is with the French President and the French negotiator as no British Prime Minister will give way when the people have given him a mandate to get us out of the European Union, and what the remainiacs couldn’t understand it is not out of Europe….just the monster that is the European Union.

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This is a beautiful flag…………..
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God Save the Queen.

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