The man who single handly makes the majority of us dislike him more each day by just being him is talking Britain down again…(what a surprise said no one ever). I do wonder when he is actually going to say something good about Great Britain for a change as his rhetoric is the same old same old.

It must be awful to be him and actually dislike your country, mind you the Labour party is full of them.

Do you think they pick those with the least to offer to actually be Labour MPs? Must do or how else could people like Milliband, Corbyn or Starmer be leader, that and they keep losing elections again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and …you catch my drift reader….

Maybe once Lammy might change his stance from disliking Britain to actually praising Britain….pigs might fly…but one day he just might…who knows it’s nearly Christmas and miracles can happen…