Where have they gone?

I have looked here

I have looked there

I have looked everywhere

and cannot find them…..

Where have all the marrowfat peas gone?

I have been to numerous shops as I am not a lover of garden peas and sometimes mushy peas will just not do…..but I cannot find them. Even my online shopping order has been delivered without the much wanted marrowfat pea.

When you know they are out of reach, it makes you want them more and it is not diamonds or jewels that I want but just a couple of tins of marrowfat peas.

Has the marrowfat pea industry suffered? Are shops hiding this delicacy from us? Or have they gone out of fashion?

Until then I can only lament the lost pea and no..no…no I will not have garden peas but can only presume the worst so R I Pea marrowfat…….

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