When are the Judges going to get it right!!!

Astrophel Sang who is a photography student walked free out of court today despite trying TWICE to set fire to the Union Flag on the Cenotaph during a BLM protest.


This moron tried to set fire to the flag on our most sacred of War Memorials on the 7th June 2020, and his lack of respect is astounding and for such a grievance to our war dead he should have been jailed…not given a £340 pound fine and a two year conditional discharge. A birching should have been the minimum he received. That would be a lesson he wouldn’t have forgotten. Instead he got a bit of a telling off and a fine. Where is the justice in that? Where is the justice for our most loyal of servants? Our veterans deserve better as it is to march in remembrance of their family and friends that is most precious to them.

He should have been sent to jail period.

Sang twice tried to torch the flag after climbing the Cenotaph on Whitehall in London in June
Sang trying to burn our most sacred of monuments.
Astrophel Sang, 19, was filmed using a lighter to try and set the flag on fire during protests

He was apparently coaxed down by the police…….I would have gotten him down with a nightstick and he certainly wouldn’t have tried a second time. When are we going to stop mollycoddling these people?

If he cannot realise that so many people view this as the last resting place of their relatives and treat it with the respect it deserves then there is no hope, and it was only by locking this disgrace up would he have learnt a harsh lesson.

This judgement has let down the relatives, let down the military, let down the veterans and let down those who lives were taken fighting for our democracy. This judgement didn’t do the crime justice and a small fine and suspended sentence has let this moron get away with it, and all because he felt aggrieved as something that has not happened to him, has not happened to anyone for two hundred years and where the snowflakes just wanted to riot. It seems that him and the other morons have taken offence at everything that is British. .

Sang could not light the flag on June 7 because it was made to anti-flammable EU standards
Sang disrespecting our beloved memorial.

Sang told the court that he didn’t know the significance of the Cenotaph….how could the Judge accept that lie? He knew exactly what it stands for and what he was doing and if he hates something that is so special to the people of this country then why doesn’t he move to somewhere where he would not be offended. Why is he here if he hates our flag so much?

These moronic snowflakes need to realise that even though they hate this country that if they moved somewhere where else they could well have ended up in more trouble for doing the same thing, so the freedom won by our military gives them the freedom to demonstrate but it does not give them the freedom to destroy and it is about time we fought back and demand tougher sentences.

It is a pity that the moron was not given a proper sentence and instead given a birching and time in jail otherwise it will not stop, and maybe if we started to demand a harsher sentence then we will see less of this and that is something that is so urgently needed.

I hope his parents and relatives are rightly ashamed of him and that he stays in the background and out of the way until he apologises to those who matter the most….the relatives and friends of those who died and whose memorial he was trying to burn.

He is just a bloody disgrace.

Sang twice tried to torch the flag after climbing the war memorial on June 7. 

Video footage of what happened brought veterans to tears but Sang could not light the flag because it was made to anti-flammable EU standards.