This is not the way to treat loyalty.

Soldiers from the Commonwealth and overseas who have served in the British Army are being denied British passports because of ‘minor’ disciplinary issues. Troops from Fiji, Jamaica and other nations are refused British citizenship facing borders chiefs for being ‘not of good character’. Veterans groups say they have seen dozens of cases where a new law is being applied which leaves the individual facing deportation. (

There are currently 8 Fijian former soldiers who have been denied citizenship and yet I do see the scrambling of the Labour MPs demanding they stay, as they have done for those who have committed the most atrocious of crimes and of which there will be a scathing blog, but no they haven’t.

L/Cpl Bale Baleiwai from Fiji served for 13 years in the Army including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland. He was used in recruitment advertisements and was decorated for his service. LCpl Baleiwai is at risk of being kicked out of this country for doing nothing more than defending himself, and is this really the way to treat someone who has risked their life for this country.

The French have it right and that is when you spill blood for France, you are automatically a citizen so why can we not have the same in a way. Those who have served this country in our Armed Forces should automatically get citizenship and it is outrageous and quite frankly disgusting that nothing is being done.

The recruitment for the Armed Forces is going bad enough to start with as there is little that they have to offer nowadays, especially seeing as you can get dodgy lawyers coming up with all sorts of lies that could cause a witch-hunt and never ending headache for those who serve. We see old men who are sacrificed for the political correctness in Northern Ireland, and one where we know they will not see justice after all the Government has done nothing to defend them and people can read this….and the upshot is that the application for the military has plummeted, yet you will get some people who still want to do what is right and want to be a good person.

Then they get treated like this and it is disgusting.

L/Cpl Baleiwai told Channel 4 News: ‘It was an altercation with another soldier inside a military camp. I got charged £1000 for it and then on the rejection letter the UKBA have said that this military conviction that I had equates to civil law, yet there wasn’t any jury. He added: ‘I’ve risked my life for Queen and country, done operational tours and all I wanted to do was come out of the Army and have a normal life. It’s quite devastating.’

Rules which came into force in April 2011 mean applications for settlement considered by UKBA may be rejected if someone has an ‘unspent’ conviction, which can include military convictions. Under the new rules minor civil charges dealt with in the armed forces are dealt with as a civil crime. So they are being punished twice for the same thing. I thought that was illegal under our law? The law is an ass……

In other words thanks for your service now get out. That is what it seems and no one is rushing forward from the Government to stop this. I would sooner keep the Fijian soldiers and kick out the useless MPs as they have served this country faithfully, and signed on the dotted line at a great risk and this is how we reward them.

As a veteran I am disgusted and keep being continually disgusted at those in power who really don’t care about the military. Oh they will state the military covenant but in reality it means nothing, and can we really say one party is better than another for it?

All MPs and all parties have continually lied to our servicemen and women. Labour have lied and sent the military to war, they lied and let out the terrorists with free passes and then they lied again sending out the shyster lawyers with the discredited IHAT to go and pursue the military on false allegations. We have the Conservatives lie as they stated that they would stop the witch hunts and they haven’t, infact the allegations increased. They are still allowing the politically motivated court case against two elderly veterans and now we have this. It seems that for the sake of political correctness our military are expendable.

It is wrong to deport these brave men and the Government have washed their hands of it. Shame on them, shame on the heads of the military, shame on the Judicial system as the Judge refused to listen to the case because it was based on mis-administration and shame on the MPs for not defending these brave men.

Then again we are talking about MPs, the Judiciary and the Government and none of them are as worthy as these brave men being abandoned by this country. Shameful.