The Brexit vote that is haunting the Labour Party.

The Labour party are again in disarray with the Labour leader Keir Starmer ordering the MPs to agree with a Brexit deal that could be put to the Commons, but the way it is going and the inflexibility of the European Union there will be no deal and instead we will be out on WTO terms, and at last we have the freedom that we so rightly deserve, and one that was in danger of being given away by Prime Ministers and MPs through lies and spin. He wants to table amendments for his own spin but what a waste of political and parliamentary time as it will not be in the interest of Great Britain.

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We all know that Starmer drip drip dripped anti Brexit rhetoric into the ears of Jeremy Corbyn to get him to change the Labour party so that it ended up against Brexit, and we know the result but this is Starmer’s worse nightmare. The vote to agree with the Government on the deal will come back and bite him unless we exit on WTO terms and then it is still a nightmare, as he will have had no say on it and he cannot say otherwise to the voters.

When we are prosperous and our financial recovery takes off…what can he say? He was and is against it and doesn’t believe that this wonderful country can stand on its own feet. Starmer wanted to give away our sovereignty , our laws, our freedom and our Parliament.

He knows it and the rest of his MPs know it….to the tune of a projected 60. Including his own Shadow Chancellor. That is almost a third of his MPs who are going to vote against it and it is growing.

I don’t know why the Labour party has a problem with this country having its own sovereignty, its own laws, our waters, fish, and the ability to make trade contracts around the world without interference, and not paying the EU but they do and there is nothing Starmer can do to stop the humiliation that is coming. He is going to be humiliated as he was planning to take this to the North, but time and time again the comments will be on how the Labour party voted against any deal, the rebellion of his own MPs and how Starmer voted and worked against Brexit from day one.

The Labour MPs will defy their leader as they live in remain areas and they have the democratic right to do this as their electorates want this, (you see as a Brexiter I understand democracy) and for Starmer to order his own MPs to defy their voters show that he has no understanding, nor does he care about what his MPs want. There was never going to be a collective vote on this from Labour as too many of them were always remainers, and it is only by the voters draining the swamp of the last group of MPs who went against their voters were were able to achieve what we have today. That is a strong Parliament and a Prime Minister who has the majority of the people behind him to stand up for this country, and the ability to stop the EU and its bullying demands in its tracks.

He is just trying yet again to pull the wool over the voters eyes as he will then say that he voted for the Brexit deal, when in reality his vote will not make the difference with an 80 seat majority, so he should allow his MPs to vote the way they want too but he won’t as he wants to come back up North and tell the voters up here that he has helped with Brexit.

I wouldn’t believe that man if he turned up on a unicorn with a rainbow everywhere it went….he is responsible more than anybody for the mess of the last Parliament as it was his decision to change Labour, and we know that because it has been written so many times before. Starmer was the largest vocally to want Brexit either cancelled or a 2nd referendum despite saying he would respect the will of the people and the vote.

He respects nothing if it does not go the way he wants too.

He states that Labour will put down amendments but their amendments will not be worth the paper it is written on as we know that Starmer will be up to his tricks of trying to pull the wool over the electorate, and thankfully again with an 80 seat majority the Conservatives do not have to listen to him. It has not stopped Starmer from dictating again and trying to tie the hands of MPs who want to vote the way they think. I thought Labour believed in democracy….well it seems not!

Against 'hard Brexit': Sir Keir Starmer

So the straight choice for Starmer is he either agrees with the Government and goes against what could end up being half of his MPs and their voters, or he disagrees with the Government and shows his true colours. Either end, he is going to enrage a lot of voters and his party will be pay for it.

The best thing that Labour can do is look around their MPs and see who is suitable to take over the Labour party and become its leader. One that has integrity and will allow the MPs to vote the way they see fit and not dictate to them.

Starmer should not be trusted with anything to do with the Brexit vote for Labour as he is the reason they ended up being trounced at the elections, and that alone should have been the reason why he was never fit to run the party as he is duplicitous in everything he does, and he has in such a short time dictated what the Labour MPs should do, what they should vote and how they should vote.

That is not demcoracy, that is just the will of Starmer.

It is about time the Labour party accepted that the people want this Brexit, and there are millions like me who want out on WTO terms and accept that the way the Labour Party have behaved towards us is out of step with the country, and they will never be able to do that with Starmer in charge as he will fence sit, dither or about turn which ever way he thinks will get him elected.

 At least 60 anti-Brexit MPs were today expected to vote against moving Article 50 to begin the formal moves to leave the European Union. Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer, opening the debate, was set to say there was “no consensus for hard Brexit”. A handful of Labour MPs were set to join with nine Liberal Democrats and up to 53 SNP MPs in rejecting Theresa May’s demand that they “respect” the June referendum result. Most Labour MPs were not expected to defy the PM’s amendment, for fear of offending local voters who backed Leave in the referendum. But hard-liners said they would not back Brexit unless the Prime Minister published a proper plan for the future relationship with Europe. Brexit latest: 60 anti-Brexit MPs set to vote against moving Article 50 and start of EU withdrawal | London Evening Standard

What the hard liners fail to grasp but with so few MPs that the Prime Minister will get his form of Brexit through and that they need to thank their leader Starmer for leaving them with nothing much in the way of stopping it, and with his continuing leadership they will always be just a small opposition.