Yep Keir Starmer is doing what he does best…..fence sitting.

Sitting in his favourite pose…..

Keir Starmer is dithering as he always does. He orders his party to abstain from voting for the tier system regarding the pandemic when we came out of national lockdown. One of the most important medical nightmares this country will suffer and he orders his party to abstain.

15 Labour MPs took the decision that they owed it to their electorates and voted using their right as MPs to use what they can to try and defeat the Government, and voted against the new tier systems . Whilst I disagree with the vote they took they still decided that the issue was too important to do nothing, and that is what Starmer does all the time….nothing.

What a huge disappointment he must be to those in the Labour party who wanted real leadership and ended up with a dithering fence sitter instead.

I know what he is doing, he is trying to sit on the fence so that when the times comes for him to pop up he can say if it is unsuccessful “I didn’t agree with that way of the tier system”, so that it looks like he knew what he was talking about, and then if it is successful he will say “I wanted to make sure that the system worked” Hence his abstaining as he is trying to back every horse in the race so that he comes out the winner.

What he does not realise is that the British voting electorate cannot stand a sitting on the fence MP, and it is more distasteful that it is the leader of a party as it looks weak and indecisive, and he might think it is smart but the rest of us can see it for what it is, a cynical ploy to con the voters and that is all.

He obviously thinks that the electorate is too stupid to see through his political mischief making, as that is what he is doing.

He is trying to make this Covid pandemic a political advantage for him and it is not going to work as his worst nightmare is that the vaccine will work. What can he do and say then? He can’t say that it was because of Labour as he did nothing but dither and abstain, and when we have the herd immunity we know that the country will get back on its feet and it won’t be because of Labour.

The majority of the electorate know that every time Labour get in they have bankrupt the country and it is only through good Conservative management that we are able to prosper, and thank god the Conservatives are in power during this very stressful time on the economy.

His political fence sitting will backfire on him. As much as I dislike the anti semetic terrorist loving Corbyn, he was a man who stood by his own principles until Starmer got in and for some as yet unexplained reason he managed to persuade Corbyn to listen to him, and Corbyn who had openly advocated against Europe went against his own ideology. Guess that is what you get when you listen to Starmer……. a humiliation at the hands of the voters.

Starmer cannot be trusted and he cannot be relied upon to do the right thing by the British people as Starmer is only interested in doing the right thing by Starmer.

The thing I have noticed is that Starmer seems to be in the habit of ordering the Labour party as to what and how to think and vote. It seems that the opposition is now no longer a viable one and that it is the will of Starmer that is dictating the way Labour vote and that is neither good for a great political disagreement in the commons, nor is it good for democracy as it should not be the will of one man, but the collective agreement of the party and he is not allowing them to do it.

I am waiting for the Labour party to renamed the Sir Keir Starmer party and go the whole hog towards his ultimate goal and his ultimate ambition….to make it all about him.

To continually abstain from everything the Government is doing with regards to the Pandemic is to do so with very scant regards for those fighting this virus, and it is really poor form as he is in a way telling the people the voters that their suffering does not concern him, and he will only take up the fight if he can politically gain from it and if not then he will not show care either way. For Starmer it is easier to just abstain.

There is a whole lot of nothing coming from a man who was quick to take the knee to the BLM and capitulate, yet within days he was backtracking. That is what he does…nothing or backtracks…it is a dishonourable trait for a supposed leader of the opposition, and a true leader of the nation would never give in to such an organisation and that is where failed….at the first hurdle and now this.

Starmer shows a lack of respect to Parliament, a lack of respect to the voters, a lack of respect to democracy and a total lack of respect to those who suffered and continue to suffer from this virus, as he is more concerned at political point scoring than being a viable opposition.

Sitting on the fence is what he does best and what he does most and that shows why he will never be Prime Minister as it takes a man of principle, and one who will stand by their decision to be PM and Starmer is not that man, he never was and never will be.