It seems that the Labour snowflakes in Parliament along with the only green MP and any other loathsome MP they can add to the list, along with three unelected Lords members have taken umbridge at the Home Secretary for wanting to deport Rapists, Drug Dealers, Abusers and Murderers back to the places where they originated from, and what have the useless idiots in Parliament done?

Decided to use the racism card…oh what a surprise, especially seeing who has added their name to this vile letter.

They are using this to cover up crimes committed by these people and how disgusting that they have compared the innocent Windrush victims to this bunch. How insulting….to compare hard working, law abiding citizens in the same letter as those above. I would be so angry if that is how a number of MPs saw my generation.

It shows that they would use anybody to get their point across….even the most innocence of people and they are doing……the victims. It is nothing more than political point scoring by the most dubious of MPs, but then again we are talking about the sort of MPs we treat with disdain as we know they will do anything just to get their name in the paper, even if it is defending the indefensible. Who votes these people in?

When are these awful MPs actually going to stand up for the victims and the family of the victims? Fancy knowing that an MP and three members of the Lords are happy to stand up for a person who has raped you! Putting their concern about that of yours….My god how sickening is that.

Chakrabarti remember is the one who whitewashed the bullying of the Jewish Labour MPs and members, and the fact that they broke the Human Rights Law by their actions didn’t matter to her after all there was a peerage for her fairy-story book report, and now with the MPs she and the others are telling the victims that their rights don’t matter….just the rights of the murderers, the rapists, the drug runners and the abusers. Their rights matter over the rights of justice for the victims or the right to feel a little bit safer in our country.

Sometimes fumigating the Commons and the Lords seems like a very good idea…….