Poor old Prince Harry really is out of his depth and he needs to stop his wife from writing his speeches. Firstly, can he not write and secondly she actually writes and spouts rubbish and is he really just following blindly?.

I am sure those who have suffered from the Covid Virus and lost loved ones do not want to hear from Harry and his wife telling them that the pandemic is our fault because of crimes against Mother Nature. Is he for bloody real?

Part of his speech…..

We take so much from Her [Mother Nature] but we rarely give anything back.’ ‘Being in nature is the most healing part of life, and I truly believe that’s one reason why it’s there.’ What is the point in bringing a new person into this world when they get to your age and it’s on fire? ‘For me it’s about putting the dos being the says.’

‘Every single raindrop that falls from the sky relieves the parched group; what if every single one of us was a raindrop?’ 

Harry spoke of the 'universally tough year' that everyone has experienced, adding that he has found solace in nature, which he believes is the 'most healing part of life'

I applaud those of us who try to do our bit for the environment and I myself have not taken a plane since 1985, and took the train to work as it seemed a better choice for me and I recycle as much as possible, often getting Mr Points of Sue to fix the things as it seems a shame to throw things away, but what I don’t want to hear is from a pampered Prince who lives in a place that has 16 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms…for a family of 3, and don’t forget the air conditioning and heated swimming pool. Why the hell would you need 16 bathrooms with just 3 of you? Who needs 7 more bathrooms than bedrooms??

His carbon footprint for his house alone is: 18,000 square foot house. 426,329 lbs CO2 in the atmosphere or burning through 5069 trees each year.

His SUV carbon footprint for the year alone is: 8100lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere that is 107 trees burned for every year they are being driven around.

His private jets pump out so much carbon footprint in the air yet he took a flight to a cemetery to post the wreath pictures, having flown 85 miles in a private jet instead of visiting the one a couple of miles away and then he has the nerve to lecture us. One way from London to Vancouver put 1100 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere and their private jet usage is legendary.

They are releasing 435,528lbs into the atmosphere and that is not including their private flights. in 2019 the Sussex’s had the most carbon footprint of any Royal.

He is looking hen pecked and is coming across as really ridiculous now and it shows that with all that money he has not had a good education and his wife is dictating the rules now, and he just goes along with it. Sadly he has gone from the loved Prince to the clown Prince and one that is not well liked anymore.

I wonder what next WOKE comment his wife will write for him….no doubt it will be full of useless salad words and not actually mean anything and we really don’t want to hear from someone who is obviously blind to their own crimes against Mother Earth and Nature.

Harry Claiming Pandemic is OUR Punishment!! – YouTube

All CO2 usage taken from the above YouTube video.