Harry needs to stop as he is looking and sounding ridiculous……

Poor old Prince Harry really is out of his depth and he needs to stop his wife from writing his speeches. Firstly, can he not write and secondly she actually writes and spouts rubbish and is he really just following blindly?.

I am sure those who have suffered from the Covid Virus and lost loved ones do not want to hear from Harry and his wife telling them that the pandemic is our fault because of crimes against Mother Nature. Is he for bloody real?

Part of his speech…..

We take so much from Her [Mother Nature] but we rarely give anything back.’ ‘Being in nature is the most healing part of life, and I truly believe that’s one reason why it’s there.’ What is the point in bringing a new person into this world when they get to your age and it’s on fire? ‘For me it’s about putting the dos being the says.’

‘Every single raindrop that falls from the sky relieves the parched group; what if every single one of us was a raindrop?’ 

Harry spoke of the 'universally tough year' that everyone has experienced, adding that he has found solace in nature, which he believes is the 'most healing part of life'

I applaud those of us who try to do our bit for the environment and I myself have not taken a plane since 1985, and took the train to work as it seemed a better choice for me and I recycle as much as possible, often getting Mr Points of Sue to fix the things as it seems a shame to throw things away, but what I don’t want to hear is from a pampered Prince who lives in a place that has 16 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms…for a family of 3, and don’t forget the air conditioning and heated swimming pool. Why the hell would you need 16 bathrooms with just 3 of you? Who needs 7 more bathrooms than bedrooms??

His carbon footprint for his house alone is: 18,000 square foot house. 426,329 lbs CO2 in the atmosphere or burning through 5069 trees each year.

His SUV carbon footprint for the year alone is: 8100lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere that is 107 trees burned for every year they are being driven around.

His private jets pump out so much carbon footprint in the air yet he took a flight to a cemetery to post the wreath pictures, having flown 85 miles in a private jet instead of visiting the one a couple of miles away and then he has the nerve to lecture us. One way from London to Vancouver put 1100 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere and their private jet usage is legendary.

They are releasing 435,528lbs into the atmosphere and that is not including their private flights. in 2019 the Sussex’s had the most carbon footprint of any Royal.

He is looking hen pecked and is coming across as really ridiculous now and it shows that with all that money he has not had a good education and his wife is dictating the rules now, and he just goes along with it. Sadly he has gone from the loved Prince to the clown Prince and one that is not well liked anymore.

I wonder what next WOKE comment his wife will write for him….no doubt it will be full of useless salad words and not actually mean anything and we really don’t want to hear from someone who is obviously blind to their own crimes against Mother Earth and Nature.

Harry Claiming Pandemic is OUR Punishment!! – YouTube

All CO2 usage taken from the above YouTube video.

You can come and go ..

As much as you like if you are a luvvie, loaded or a sports person. Us mere mortals have to wait to wait…

Labour MPs, a Green Party MP and 3 members of the Lords are now defending rapists and murderers!

It seems that the Labour snowflakes in Parliament along with the only green MP and any other loathsome MP they can add to the list, along with three unelected Lords members have taken umbridge at the Home Secretary for wanting to deport Rapists, Drug Dealers, Abusers and Murderers back to the places where they originated from, and what have the useless idiots in Parliament done?

Decided to use the racism card…oh what a surprise, especially seeing who has added their name to this vile letter.

They are using this to cover up crimes committed by these people and how disgusting that they have compared the innocent Windrush victims to this bunch. How insulting….to compare hard working, law abiding citizens in the same letter as those above. I would be so angry if that is how a number of MPs saw my generation.

It shows that they would use anybody to get their point across….even the most innocence of people and they are doing……the victims. It is nothing more than political point scoring by the most dubious of MPs, but then again we are talking about the sort of MPs we treat with disdain as we know they will do anything just to get their name in the paper, even if it is defending the indefensible. Who votes these people in?

When are these awful MPs actually going to stand up for the victims and the family of the victims? Fancy knowing that an MP and three members of the Lords are happy to stand up for a person who has raped you! Putting their concern about that of yours….My god how sickening is that.

Chakrabarti remember is the one who whitewashed the bullying of the Jewish Labour MPs and members, and the fact that they broke the Human Rights Law by their actions didn’t matter to her after all there was a peerage for her fairy-story book report, and now with the MPs she and the others are telling the victims that their rights don’t matter….just the rights of the murderers, the rapists, the drug runners and the abusers. Their rights matter over the rights of justice for the victims or the right to feel a little bit safer in our country.

Sometimes fumigating the Commons and the Lords seems like a very good idea…….


This is not the way to treat loyalty.

Soldiers from the Commonwealth and overseas who have served in the British Army are being denied British passports because of ‘minor’ disciplinary issues. Troops from Fiji, Jamaica and other nations are refused British citizenship facing borders chiefs for being ‘not of good character’. Veterans groups say they have seen dozens of cases where a new law is being applied which leaves the individual facing deportation. (www.dailymail.com)

There are currently 8 Fijian former soldiers who have been denied citizenship and yet I do see the scrambling of the Labour MPs demanding they stay, as they have done for those who have committed the most atrocious of crimes and of which there will be a scathing blog, but no they haven’t.

L/Cpl Bale Baleiwai from Fiji served for 13 years in the Army including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland. He was used in recruitment advertisements and was decorated for his service. LCpl Baleiwai is at risk of being kicked out of this country for doing nothing more than defending himself, and is this really the way to treat someone who has risked their life for this country.

The French have it right and that is when you spill blood for France, you are automatically a citizen so why can we not have the same in a way. Those who have served this country in our Armed Forces should automatically get citizenship and it is outrageous and quite frankly disgusting that nothing is being done.

The recruitment for the Armed Forces is going bad enough to start with as there is little that they have to offer nowadays, especially seeing as you can get dodgy lawyers coming up with all sorts of lies that could cause a witch-hunt and never ending headache for those who serve. We see old men who are sacrificed for the political correctness in Northern Ireland, and one where we know they will not see justice after all the Government has done nothing to defend them and people can read this….and the upshot is that the application for the military has plummeted, yet you will get some people who still want to do what is right and want to be a good person.

Then they get treated like this and it is disgusting.

L/Cpl Baleiwai told Channel 4 News: ‘It was an altercation with another soldier inside a military camp. I got charged £1000 for it and then on the rejection letter the UKBA have said that this military conviction that I had equates to civil law, yet there wasn’t any jury. He added: ‘I’ve risked my life for Queen and country, done operational tours and all I wanted to do was come out of the Army and have a normal life. It’s quite devastating.’

Rules which came into force in April 2011 mean applications for settlement considered by UKBA may be rejected if someone has an ‘unspent’ conviction, which can include military convictions. Under the new rules minor civil charges dealt with in the armed forces are dealt with as a civil crime. So they are being punished twice for the same thing. I thought that was illegal under our law? The law is an ass……

In other words thanks for your service now get out. That is what it seems and no one is rushing forward from the Government to stop this. I would sooner keep the Fijian soldiers and kick out the useless MPs as they have served this country faithfully, and signed on the dotted line at a great risk and this is how we reward them.

As a veteran I am disgusted and keep being continually disgusted at those in power who really don’t care about the military. Oh they will state the military covenant but in reality it means nothing, and can we really say one party is better than another for it?

All MPs and all parties have continually lied to our servicemen and women. Labour have lied and sent the military to war, they lied and let out the terrorists with free passes and then they lied again sending out the shyster lawyers with the discredited IHAT to go and pursue the military on false allegations. We have the Conservatives lie as they stated that they would stop the witch hunts and they haven’t, infact the allegations increased. They are still allowing the politically motivated court case against two elderly veterans and now we have this. It seems that for the sake of political correctness our military are expendable.

It is wrong to deport these brave men and the Government have washed their hands of it. Shame on them, shame on the heads of the military, shame on the Judicial system as the Judge refused to listen to the case because it was based on mis-administration and shame on the MPs for not defending these brave men.

Then again we are talking about MPs, the Judiciary and the Government and none of them are as worthy as these brave men being abandoned by this country. Shameful.

Where have they gone?

I have looked here

I have looked there

I have looked everywhere

and cannot find them…..

Where have all the marrowfat peas gone?

I have been to numerous shops as I am not a lover of garden peas and sometimes mushy peas will just not do…..but I cannot find them. Even my online shopping order has been delivered without the much wanted marrowfat pea.

When you know they are out of reach, it makes you want them more and it is not diamonds or jewels that I want but just a couple of tins of marrowfat peas.

Has the marrowfat pea industry suffered? Are shops hiding this delicacy from us? Or have they gone out of fashion?

Until then I can only lament the lost pea and no..no…no I will not have garden peas but can only presume the worst so R I Pea marrowfat…….

When are the Judges going to get it right!!!

Astrophel Sang who is a photography student walked free out of court today despite trying TWICE to set fire to the Union Flag on the Cenotaph during a BLM protest.


This moron tried to set fire to the flag on our most sacred of War Memorials on the 7th June 2020, and his lack of respect is astounding and for such a grievance to our war dead he should have been jailed…not given a £340 pound fine and a two year conditional discharge. A birching should have been the minimum he received. That would be a lesson he wouldn’t have forgotten. Instead he got a bit of a telling off and a fine. Where is the justice in that? Where is the justice for our most loyal of servants? Our veterans deserve better as it is to march in remembrance of their family and friends that is most precious to them.

He should have been sent to jail period.

Sang twice tried to torch the flag after climbing the Cenotaph on Whitehall in London in June
Sang trying to burn our most sacred of monuments.
Astrophel Sang, 19, was filmed using a lighter to try and set the flag on fire during protests

He was apparently coaxed down by the police…….I would have gotten him down with a nightstick and he certainly wouldn’t have tried a second time. When are we going to stop mollycoddling these people?

If he cannot realise that so many people view this as the last resting place of their relatives and treat it with the respect it deserves then there is no hope, and it was only by locking this disgrace up would he have learnt a harsh lesson.

This judgement has let down the relatives, let down the military, let down the veterans and let down those who lives were taken fighting for our democracy. This judgement didn’t do the crime justice and a small fine and suspended sentence has let this moron get away with it, and all because he felt aggrieved as something that has not happened to him, has not happened to anyone for two hundred years and where the snowflakes just wanted to riot. It seems that him and the other morons have taken offence at everything that is British. .

Sang could not light the flag on June 7 because it was made to anti-flammable EU standards
Sang disrespecting our beloved memorial.

Sang told the court that he didn’t know the significance of the Cenotaph….how could the Judge accept that lie? He knew exactly what it stands for and what he was doing and if he hates something that is so special to the people of this country then why doesn’t he move to somewhere where he would not be offended. Why is he here if he hates our flag so much?

These moronic snowflakes need to realise that even though they hate this country that if they moved somewhere where else they could well have ended up in more trouble for doing the same thing, so the freedom won by our military gives them the freedom to demonstrate but it does not give them the freedom to destroy and it is about time we fought back and demand tougher sentences.

It is a pity that the moron was not given a proper sentence and instead given a birching and time in jail otherwise it will not stop, and maybe if we started to demand a harsher sentence then we will see less of this and that is something that is so urgently needed.

I hope his parents and relatives are rightly ashamed of him and that he stays in the background and out of the way until he apologises to those who matter the most….the relatives and friends of those who died and whose memorial he was trying to burn.

He is just a bloody disgrace.

Sang twice tried to torch the flag after climbing the war memorial on June 7. 

Video footage of what happened brought veterans to tears but Sang could not light the flag because it was made to anti-flammable EU standards.

The Brexit vote that is haunting the Labour Party.

The Labour party are again in disarray with the Labour leader Keir Starmer ordering the MPs to agree with a Brexit deal that could be put to the Commons, but the way it is going and the inflexibility of the European Union there will be no deal and instead we will be out on WTO terms, and at last we have the freedom that we so rightly deserve, and one that was in danger of being given away by Prime Ministers and MPs through lies and spin. He wants to table amendments for his own spin but what a waste of political and parliamentary time as it will not be in the interest of Great Britain.

Image result for brexit

We all know that Starmer drip drip dripped anti Brexit rhetoric into the ears of Jeremy Corbyn to get him to change the Labour party so that it ended up against Brexit, and we know the result but this is Starmer’s worse nightmare. The vote to agree with the Government on the deal will come back and bite him unless we exit on WTO terms and then it is still a nightmare, as he will have had no say on it and he cannot say otherwise to the voters.

When we are prosperous and our financial recovery takes off…what can he say? He was and is against it and doesn’t believe that this wonderful country can stand on its own feet. Starmer wanted to give away our sovereignty , our laws, our freedom and our Parliament.

He knows it and the rest of his MPs know it….to the tune of a projected 60. Including his own Shadow Chancellor. That is almost a third of his MPs who are going to vote against it and it is growing.

I don’t know why the Labour party has a problem with this country having its own sovereignty, its own laws, our waters, fish, and the ability to make trade contracts around the world without interference, and not paying the EU but they do and there is nothing Starmer can do to stop the humiliation that is coming. He is going to be humiliated as he was planning to take this to the North, but time and time again the comments will be on how the Labour party voted against any deal, the rebellion of his own MPs and how Starmer voted and worked against Brexit from day one.

The Labour MPs will defy their leader as they live in remain areas and they have the democratic right to do this as their electorates want this, (you see as a Brexiter I understand democracy) and for Starmer to order his own MPs to defy their voters show that he has no understanding, nor does he care about what his MPs want. There was never going to be a collective vote on this from Labour as too many of them were always remainers, and it is only by the voters draining the swamp of the last group of MPs who went against their voters were were able to achieve what we have today. That is a strong Parliament and a Prime Minister who has the majority of the people behind him to stand up for this country, and the ability to stop the EU and its bullying demands in its tracks.

He is just trying yet again to pull the wool over the voters eyes as he will then say that he voted for the Brexit deal, when in reality his vote will not make the difference with an 80 seat majority, so he should allow his MPs to vote the way they want too but he won’t as he wants to come back up North and tell the voters up here that he has helped with Brexit.

I wouldn’t believe that man if he turned up on a unicorn with a rainbow everywhere it went….he is responsible more than anybody for the mess of the last Parliament as it was his decision to change Labour, and we know that because it has been written so many times before. Starmer was the largest vocally to want Brexit either cancelled or a 2nd referendum despite saying he would respect the will of the people and the vote.

He respects nothing if it does not go the way he wants too.

He states that Labour will put down amendments but their amendments will not be worth the paper it is written on as we know that Starmer will be up to his tricks of trying to pull the wool over the electorate, and thankfully again with an 80 seat majority the Conservatives do not have to listen to him. It has not stopped Starmer from dictating again and trying to tie the hands of MPs who want to vote the way they think. I thought Labour believed in democracy….well it seems not!

Against 'hard Brexit': Sir Keir Starmer

So the straight choice for Starmer is he either agrees with the Government and goes against what could end up being half of his MPs and their voters, or he disagrees with the Government and shows his true colours. Either end, he is going to enrage a lot of voters and his party will be pay for it.

The best thing that Labour can do is look around their MPs and see who is suitable to take over the Labour party and become its leader. One that has integrity and will allow the MPs to vote the way they see fit and not dictate to them.

Starmer should not be trusted with anything to do with the Brexit vote for Labour as he is the reason they ended up being trounced at the elections, and that alone should have been the reason why he was never fit to run the party as he is duplicitous in everything he does, and he has in such a short time dictated what the Labour MPs should do, what they should vote and how they should vote.

That is not demcoracy, that is just the will of Starmer.

It is about time the Labour party accepted that the people want this Brexit, and there are millions like me who want out on WTO terms and accept that the way the Labour Party have behaved towards us is out of step with the country, and they will never be able to do that with Starmer in charge as he will fence sit, dither or about turn which ever way he thinks will get him elected.

 At least 60 anti-Brexit MPs were today expected to vote against moving Article 50 to begin the formal moves to leave the European Union. Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer, opening the debate, was set to say there was “no consensus for hard Brexit”. A handful of Labour MPs were set to join with nine Liberal Democrats and up to 53 SNP MPs in rejecting Theresa May’s demand that they “respect” the June referendum result. Most Labour MPs were not expected to defy the PM’s amendment, for fear of offending local voters who backed Leave in the referendum. But hard-liners said they would not back Brexit unless the Prime Minister published a proper plan for the future relationship with Europe. Brexit latest: 60 anti-Brexit MPs set to vote against moving Article 50 and start of EU withdrawal | London Evening Standard

What the hard liners fail to grasp but with so few MPs that the Prime Minister will get his form of Brexit through and that they need to thank their leader Starmer for leaving them with nothing much in the way of stopping it, and with his continuing leadership they will always be just a small opposition.

Starmer does it again….

Yep Keir Starmer is doing what he does best…..fence sitting.

Sitting in his favourite pose…..

Keir Starmer is dithering as he always does. He orders his party to abstain from voting for the tier system regarding the pandemic when we came out of national lockdown. One of the most important medical nightmares this country will suffer and he orders his party to abstain.

15 Labour MPs took the decision that they owed it to their electorates and voted using their right as MPs to use what they can to try and defeat the Government, and voted against the new tier systems . Whilst I disagree with the vote they took they still decided that the issue was too important to do nothing, and that is what Starmer does all the time….nothing.

What a huge disappointment he must be to those in the Labour party who wanted real leadership and ended up with a dithering fence sitter instead.

I know what he is doing, he is trying to sit on the fence so that when the times comes for him to pop up he can say if it is unsuccessful “I didn’t agree with that way of the tier system”, so that it looks like he knew what he was talking about, and then if it is successful he will say “I wanted to make sure that the system worked” Hence his abstaining as he is trying to back every horse in the race so that he comes out the winner.

What he does not realise is that the British voting electorate cannot stand a sitting on the fence MP, and it is more distasteful that it is the leader of a party as it looks weak and indecisive, and he might think it is smart but the rest of us can see it for what it is, a cynical ploy to con the voters and that is all.

He obviously thinks that the electorate is too stupid to see through his political mischief making, as that is what he is doing.

He is trying to make this Covid pandemic a political advantage for him and it is not going to work as his worst nightmare is that the vaccine will work. What can he do and say then? He can’t say that it was because of Labour as he did nothing but dither and abstain, and when we have the herd immunity we know that the country will get back on its feet and it won’t be because of Labour.

The majority of the electorate know that every time Labour get in they have bankrupt the country and it is only through good Conservative management that we are able to prosper, and thank god the Conservatives are in power during this very stressful time on the economy.

His political fence sitting will backfire on him. As much as I dislike the anti semetic terrorist loving Corbyn, he was a man who stood by his own principles until Starmer got in and for some as yet unexplained reason he managed to persuade Corbyn to listen to him, and Corbyn who had openly advocated against Europe went against his own ideology. Guess that is what you get when you listen to Starmer……. a humiliation at the hands of the voters.

Starmer cannot be trusted and he cannot be relied upon to do the right thing by the British people as Starmer is only interested in doing the right thing by Starmer.

The thing I have noticed is that Starmer seems to be in the habit of ordering the Labour party as to what and how to think and vote. It seems that the opposition is now no longer a viable one and that it is the will of Starmer that is dictating the way Labour vote and that is neither good for a great political disagreement in the commons, nor is it good for democracy as it should not be the will of one man, but the collective agreement of the party and he is not allowing them to do it.

I am waiting for the Labour party to renamed the Sir Keir Starmer party and go the whole hog towards his ultimate goal and his ultimate ambition….to make it all about him.

To continually abstain from everything the Government is doing with regards to the Pandemic is to do so with very scant regards for those fighting this virus, and it is really poor form as he is in a way telling the people the voters that their suffering does not concern him, and he will only take up the fight if he can politically gain from it and if not then he will not show care either way. For Starmer it is easier to just abstain.

There is a whole lot of nothing coming from a man who was quick to take the knee to the BLM and capitulate, yet within days he was backtracking. That is what he does…nothing or backtracks…it is a dishonourable trait for a supposed leader of the opposition, and a true leader of the nation would never give in to such an organisation and that is where failed….at the first hurdle and now this.

Starmer shows a lack of respect to Parliament, a lack of respect to the voters, a lack of respect to democracy and a total lack of respect to those who suffered and continue to suffer from this virus, as he is more concerned at political point scoring than being a viable opposition.

Sitting on the fence is what he does best and what he does most and that shows why he will never be Prime Minister as it takes a man of principle, and one who will stand by their decision to be PM and Starmer is not that man, he never was and never will be.