The Labour party is at war and for someone who has not and will never vote Labour….its a fascinating power struggle.

It seems that Jeremy Corbyn has decided to take Sir Keir Starmer to court to force him to return the whip to him so he can sit as a member of the Labour party. As much as I dislike Corbyn and I do dislike him for awful stance on Jewish people, his disgusting hatred of our Military, his support for the murdering IRA and every other nauseating terrorist group he has acquired friendship with, he has been a Labour MP since 1982 and Starmer since 2015 and Starmer has done more damage in those 5 years than Corbyn has in almost 40, and why is that you ask?? We all know that Corbyn and his cult are those MPs we laugh at and call the weirdos…but Starmer is something else….he wants power at any cost.

labour jeremy corbyn suspended
Starmer and Corbyn.

I am not sure how a Court can force a leader of a party to over-turn his decision but what fun it will be finding out.

Corbyn as much as he is detestable is not stupid and he knows that he has been stitched up by Starmer, especially as Starmer has now ordered MPs to vote for the Brexit deal with some protest in the form of amendments but I can see it now, Starmer the Saviour in his own eyes and that like the man who built Lego and saved Christmas he has saved Brexit. Yet, you can picture him drip drip dripping into Corbyn’s ear as leader that Brexit was bad for the country, an evil that Labour can keep away and the people will vote for it (Corbyn should never have trusted Starmer…I bet he is wishing that now)…..but now he is leader…a U-turn yet again.

What he has not realised is that there are a considerable number of his MPs who sit in remainer seats, or who just will not do what is ordered. After all, how is that democracy when they are ordered to do what is told to them. This will not go down well with the cult followers of Corbyn and they will vote against Starmer because the likes of McDonnell and Abbott always do. I can think of about 40 who will….and that is 20% of the Labour party if not more.

This showdown in the courts is nothing more than the beating of chests by the two men who are the least trusted to run this country.

Starmer cannot back down as he will see it as a weakness to the Jewish voters but he has still not explained why he as front and centre of the party when the bullying was happening did nothing, and I wonder if that will be brought out in the court proceedings. After all, Starmer fired Corbyn because of saying it had been blown out of proportion….which proportion had Starmer taken umbridge at?

He will have to tread carefully as would Starmer be able to explain why he did nothing about the issue either? There are no written minutes and no statements that he did so but there is plenty of video evidence that Starmer said he does not believe that Corbyn is anti-semetic. I have commented on this myself and the video is on another blogging piece. So what is it to be? He is either not an anti-Semite and did not outrage and bully the Jewish voters or did he?

Starmer went into the General Election backing Corbyn and it is all on record , so when did it occur to him that it was otherwise? When he became leader? Starmer is not a stupid man and he was not duped into saying these things….so was he lying to us or was he lying to the party? Either way he is not being honest.

You cannot actively campaign for a man you state is not an anti-Semite, do nothing to stop any form of bullying, did not contact those people who were bullied out by the Labour activists until the night before the report comes out to the public, and where you actively state during an election that the country needs a Corbyn Prime Minister…..and then do a complete 360….

Which bit Starmer was being untruthful about and I hope this is all brought out in the courts as Captain Hindsight has managed to duck all these questions and it is about time he himself was held accountable.

As for me I plan to get the diet coke, the popcorn and the ice cream and watch Labour tear itself apart……