Shamima Begum is currently having her request to return to the United Kingdom heard in the Supreme Court. Under no circumstances should this evil person or any of the others who went to cause wholesale murder, terrorism, rape and destruction in the Middle East be allowed back here. She is a supporter of the most evil terrorist group and she is one of them and will always be.

British Jihadi wife Shamima Begum pictured with her son Jerah (now deceased) in Al Hawl
The face of evil.

This terrorist supporter has no compunction at ripping up her passport and fleeing to the land of her dreams, and teaming up with the most vile evil people who have committed the worst atrocities ever since the Nazis. She didn’t complain at that. She was quite happy to take over the properties of others and their possessions even knowing the previous people had probably been murdered to allow her and her husband to do so. Don’t forget the slaves she no doubt had and they were not asked either….they were as far as ISIS were concerned worthless and the spoils of winning.

This demon wants to come back because ISIS lost. You have to ask yourself whilst her and the others who joined her where lording it over the poor people who had sadly fallen in to the hands of these monsters, did she ever had any compassion? Do you think she felt an ounce of sympathy for the men who were beheaded? The men thrown off the buildings because they were gay? Do you think she had any sense of sympathy for the Yazidi women sold as sex slaves and some were of the tender age of 3. What sort of inhuman monster can watch that?

Do you think she was even remotely concerned at the horror that this evil organisation brought on the innocent people whose towns they entered? I can answer that in one go…NO.

This evil that she went to join deserves the fate that each and every member gets. She should be made to stand trial in Syria for crimes against the people, crimes against humanity and murder as without people like her following them, they would not have had the numbers and lets face it, she should be treated with the same sympathy that she gave the person whose head she saw in a bucket….NONE.

She wants to come back here because they lost. Nothing more and nothing less. This Islamic utopia that she wanted no longer exists and because it has gotten a bit rough she wants to come back.

Well, I and all the people of the United Kingdom deserve to be kept free of risk and she and all the others like her are a risk . It is a pity she is not hanging from a rope to be honest and why should my hard earned taxpayer money go towards keeping her and the other evil people safe? I want my money to go to the state and to the NHS and the Defence, the Police etc and certainly not to monsters like that.

Oh you will get the bleeding hearts brigade who states that she was 15 when she went, well she was 19 when she praised the Manchester bomber. She is not changed, her vileness and vile ideology has not changed, her circumstances have and she doesn’t like it.

This woman and the group she so happily followed beheaded Westerners and rejoiced in it. They have maimed and murdered the most innocent of innocent and she is not sorry. She is sorry because she lives in a tent and doesn’t like it. Well my sympathy are for those whose lives were shattered because of what you and that thing you married did. He is not a man but he is a coward, a bully who had the gun and you both ruled with fear over good innocent people. People who just wanted to live their everyday lives until this devil and her husband showed up.

Why are my taxes even being spent on any legal costs for her? She kissed goodbye to all of that the minute she left and joined this group. She joined of her own free will. She was not forced to go and in the same sense I should not be forced to have her or any of the others she went with, as they are what they are….they are pond life….bottom feeders and we the country deserve to have a say in who we let back in and she and them are not required here.

I don’t want to see her or any of her “chums” here as we cannot trust them. She is a terrorist and radicalised and please don’t give me the rubbish that she can be de-radicalised as it did not work out to well for the people on London Bridge, when a supposed de-radicalised ISIS terrorist went on the hunt for victims. Her and her ilk are terrorists and that is the long and short of it. She backs a terrorist organisation that has raped, murdered, bombed, mutilated and terrorised a whole swathe of people so why should she just be allowed back? She wants back because she feels that this is no longer the live she feels she should have….but in my book she laid down with rabid dogs and got fleas, and now she should be made to feel that she is no longer safe anywhere. What sweet poetic justice that would be to have her running scared for the rest of her life and wanted by no-one Even her own lawyer states that he cannot guarantee that she won’t be a security problem.

That alone shows that she is a risk and that is a risk I and millions of others do not want to take. We simply do not want that here period. I am a taxpayer and it is my money that is being so loosely thrown around and it is time it stopped. She should never have had any rights…none…give her what she gave to others. Nothing.

We extradited the brother of the Manchester bomber from Libya for crimes here and he is serving 50 years. Again, my preference is 3 clear Sundays and drop him and Syria or the Kurds must demand her extradition as she must stand trial for the crimes that she helped commit.

It is not good saying that she was only there as a wife. She wasn’t. These brides of the devil went over there and actively helped the evil they married and they terrorised the population themselves. How can ANYONE stand by and watch 3 year old children being sold as sex slaves. WE ARE TALKING SWEET, INNOCENT CHILDREN BEING VIOLATED BY THOSE MONSTERS. She is not a person she is a monster and as such she should not be allowed back here. How safe would our children be with that lot wondering about?

Why should the terrorist be given help, support and new identity when those who are still suffering get nothing? It is perverse and it is wrong. She needs to either answer for her crimes in a court of law in Syria, or if not then kept out of Britain as we have enough rubbish here thank you and we don’t want to add to it as with her and her murdering mates and we will do if they allow this. The law must stand up for the people and not the terrorist and if the courts vote in favour for her then we must get parliament to over-ride it as parliament creates the law and to do so citing national security, otherwise his country will sleep a little safe and cost us a lot more. When in reality it should be the terrorists who feel unsafe and cost us nothing, especially if the law is on the side of the people.

By the way, if some bleeding heart spouts that her family deserve a reunion then I am more than happy to help pay for a plane ticket to Syria and let them reunite there. Under no circumstance should this evil personified be allowed back into this country. It is an injustice to all those who have suffered at the hands of her and her murdering buddies.