Out for my usual exercising this morning walking the dog, and it is very much an exercise due to my disabilities as I cannot use the gym and I don’t want to be one of those who lament their pain whilst doing nothing, but I get so stressed out when seeing people and why??? They cannot follow a simple rule…..keep 2 metres apart and it seems they are determined to be in my shoes they get that close.

To my surprise it is not the young who do this but the older people…people my age. It is annoying that they seem to want the whole of the path….and it is not as if you can walk anywhere else….just the path.

The walk and path Mr Points of Sue use is 3 metres wide and it really is a lovely walk and one that I enjoy, and when we are out and about we are always mindful of other users and walk in single file. It is not the greatest way to go for a walk together with the dog, but in these times it is the best choice as I don’t want to be responsible for making someone feel nervous….but I could pull my hair out at the stupidity of others.

Today for instance, out on the park and coming at us are 3 ladies older than I am…and I thought they will move in a minute to let us at least pass them…any minute now….any minute…and nope….

In the end I think the face I pulled gave it away that “hey can you not at least leave some space for others”.

The tutting and looks is ridiculous and it is almost like I have done a highway robbery and held them up for their monies, when in reality all we are asking for is a reasonable amount of space to pass without coming into close contact with their group.

I don’t know if these people have Covid 19 and they don’t know if I have it and you don’t actually have to be unwell to be a carrier, but the amount of older people who are just struggling to understand that walking 3 abreast on a narrow path when others are using the same area for exercise is not funny, and they don’t actually own the path but how nice it would be to think of others. If the area wasn’t water logged and bogged down the grass would have been used to get past, but it is just not accessible.

It is arrogant and it is annoying. I think next time I will have a neon sign out saying “single file stupid” and see if that works because these people will be the first ones to moan if they come down ill.

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I am hoping one day they just do it automatically as it seems so easy for the younger generation to follow and they do so with such manners, but it is so hard for ours…..