Along with racism too. As the mother of 2 white sons and 2 white grandsons, they are not privileged and I am sick to death of racists like him saying otherwise.

My youngest son will have spent 13 years training for his profession when he achieves his post doctorate, he will have achieved this through his through hard work, and our financial help. That help was given by us going without and I would do it again for my grandchildren… silver spoon for this family but rather a plastic one, and he won’t earn what that fool earns, but he wants to help people…ALL PEOPLE….

I am proud that my family accept people for themselves, we are all human and it’s only racists who make a big thing out of colour.

Like all working class families of all colours we have earned what we have, not expected a handout because of woke morons stating otherwise. If you want it. WORK

My grandsons will have an even harder time because of woke idiots like the CEO of Barnardo’s. Who by the way makes the sort of money this white family can only dream of.

Virtual signalling crap is getting so boring now, and we don’t need a lecture off a privileged man of colour who lives a rich life because of the needs of others.

He is one of the reasons I only give to local animal charities, after all wouldn’t want him to be a hypocrite by accepting this white families money now would we.

Shame on them for allowing this as there will be boys who are already suffering loss, to then be singled out because of being white is racism…nothing more nothing less.. just plain old evil racism.