When MPs disappoint.

I was full of enthusiasm for standing for the council as I firmly believe in democracy and my values are the conservative party, always have been and the thought that I could represent them at a small level but to do good for the people of my home town…

Then the skids went on……

I have been chatting with people who asked for my help over messenger and have dutifully been passing them with on and with follow up to ensure that things are going good.

Got the yes been contacted and then nothing……absolutely nothing…..and this has gone on for weeks and weeks.

It annoys the life out of me that I have given my word to people that I will help as much as I can and then my first stumbling block is my own MP. I even mentioned this particular person to him myself. I felt so confident that the problems would be done as I see the deprived state some people live in and wanted to help, but without the backing of the MP who does what he says he will…I have no chance.

How does the conservative party expect to win towns such as mine when they have someone like me who is keen on doing so much even before there is an election because I want to help, but then I hit a stumbling block because it doesn’t matter how much they might like me I will get the excuse ” I like you Sue, but……” and I can see it now.

It does not give people the faith they should have in politicians and mine is already wavering and that is a very sad day for me.

All I see of politics now is that when they get the coveted seat nothing gets done except seeing how close to the PM they can get, or lining up lucrative roles for when that seat finishes and it seems that it is everything except helping the people who matter….the electorate.

Sadly the people who I had tried to help have had to resort to paying for the help that they should receive freely and I am left now wondering if it is worth it especially because if help cannot be given at this stage to help me win, then what is the point.

I guess my blogging is becoming more important now as I can criticise everybody as very few people in parliament really deserve to be there, and this way all can be in the firing line for criticism and what better than that.

So….it is now open season on ALL MPs……

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