This family is not required here in the United Kingdom.

It seems that the case of Shemima Begum is due to be heard at the Supreme Court next week regarding whether she can return to the United Kingdom. I know we have lost it already due to the snowflake Judges and the bleeding hearts brigade. After all they cannot be seen to put this country first…that would not do for their pc credentials.

Now we read that her terrorist husband wants her to do what she can to find a life for them. Here’s an idea….start your life in the Middle East as they are not wanted here.

She only wants to come back because ISIS lost and now with their sleeper cells loose about Europe we cannot trust her, and certainly not him as they are them…they are the enemy.

Remember this girl said it did not bother her seeing the head of a man in a bin….I would freak but then we are talking about the daughter of a devil. She does not belong where decent people live and she should have to make reparations to the people whose lives have been blighted by her and her husband.

Shamima Begum
Terrorist supporter Shemima Begum.
Yago Riedijk
Her terrorist murdering husband Yago Riedijk

Her husband has backed her fight to come to London. ….excuse me but when did he ever come into the equation? He does not matter. His life does not matter…..

There are thousands of Yazidi women who have been raped and sold into slavery, thousands of Yazidi men, women and children who have been murdered because of the pact these two evil people made with the devil. There is the murder of the innocent victims of beheading….she actively supported this group when they were doing this, along with him. They were enthusiastic supporters because they thought riches galore would come to them.

There was the burning of the Jordanian pilot in the cage….and I remember his Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan declaring war on ISIS for their crimes and for me he was the fight back and showed what a leader is, and for the sake of these people we should not be allowing these terrorists back as it makes a mockery of those who died.

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We need to start handing these people over to pay for the crimes they have committed as even following the terrorists enabled ISIS to grow, and through that growth they committed more and more crimes and she and he should not be allowed to just walk back into civilisation without paying for their crimes.

If I had my way they would have been hanging from a rope but I am not the law in this country, and I sometimes wonder if our our law is upto protecting its citizens whilst so many do-gooders interfere. Let the Arab nations deal with them as it was their land they invaded and their people they killed and if their justice is an eye for an eye then surely this couple would be happy for that as they would be under Islamic law.

You cannot state you hate the Western world and declare war on it causing death and destruction, and then come running back when it goes bad. Time to grow up and pay the piper for your decisions.

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