Sir Humphreys storm in a teacup….pass them a handkerchief.

Seems the back room staff are now after a scalp in the form of the Home Secretary, Priti Patel. Never going to happen.

Sir Alex Allen the Prime Minister’s adviser on standards sensationally quit today after Mr Johnson over-ruled him and decided that Ms Patel’s behaviour towards civil servants did not constitute a breach of conduct rules for ministers.   Bye then Sir Allen and seeing as we have never heard of you I doubt the electorate will even bat an eyelid but it is one more off the vast taxpayer bill. Lets cull a few more please PM.

Demands have been growing for the publication of its findings into Ms Patel's (pictured today) conduct
The Home Secretary

It seems the Sir Humphreys of the world have gotten their knickers in a twist over what they are saying is bullying. ‘The evidence is that the bullying had manifested itself in forceful expression, including some occasions of shouting and swearing. Hold the front line… the gods when did people become so delicate. At least we know the military is not for civil servants as I remember day after day of day of my Sgt telling me I was f’ing illegimate and that was the good stuff. and I was only 17…I learnt quickly those words and took it as to what it was…..I have just realised OMG I was abused and I put up with it…..send for the counsellors.

Talking about that will the civil servants now be having counselling next…..or do they have it already I wonder.. and all because someone says something nasty to them and it has a shushhhh naughty swear word in it……shock, horror. You could not make this up could you!! Grow a bloody back bone as politics and pleasing the people is a blood sport and if you cannot deliver then get out of the way and leave those who can deliver to do so.

I have a feeling these civil servants sometimes forget that they are merely the hired hands and they actually do not run the country, but lets not forget these grey men tried everything to thwart Brexit and with that each and every one who left was a victory for the common sense. It is time they took the same broom to the civil service as they did with the MPs as it really is not fit for service, and I can imagine them scheming not work with some Government minister they don’t like them….the one who does not match the desires of the civil service. The problem with this country is that unelected nobodies seem to think they run the country….

Sir Alex Allan resigned this morning as Ms Patel apologised for 'her past behaviour' in the wake of his long-awaited probe into the senior Cabinet minister's relationship with her staff
Sir Alex Allen

The PM let the Home Secretary off with an apology after the investigation launched in March found she broke the ministerial code, but lets face we have those ‘inflexible’ civil servants who have been obstructing her from day one.

Sir Alex Allan, who said she had broken the ministerial code – albeit ‘unintentionally’ –  resigned this morning. So where is the problem then Sir Alex? If this was done unintentionally then an apology is enough. These people are never happy until they have the scalp of a good politician.. I guess her being good and wanting to enact the will of the people has left a sour taste in the mouth of many a Sir Humphrey.

If that was me I wouldn’t trust one of them and Boris is quite right to say she has his full support. She is the only Home Secretary who actually has balls of steel and who is sorting out the Labour mess of just about letting in anybody.

Of course we have had Captain Hindsight pop up with his usual comment of the Prime Minister should have sacked her, but I think there is a big difference between unintentionally breaking the ministerial code and promoting an ant-semetic terrorist loving disgrace for Prime Minister. I read this morning that Fence Sitting Starmer has told Corbyn that his suspension will only be for 3 months….

Starmer is calling for an urgent investigation… excuse me is he asleep or something or does his brain automatically switch to “investigation”. It costs US money to have these useless investigations and if I am not mistaken there already has been one, but hey don’t miss a chance eh Starmer to try and deflect from what a thoroughly nasty party you are. I know lets have another investigation into your role of the hounding of Jewish people as you were front and centre of the vile Labour party.

So if any Jewish people are reading this then he is more concerned about one Sir Humphrey and his iddy biddy feelings rather be concerned about the pain, the suffering, the fear and the hate directed at Jews whilst he was a senior member of the Shadow Cabinet. Does us a favour Keir….shut up. You are no standard bearer for morality for allowing all of the anti-semetism to flourish.

I feel that those sitting on the opposition benches have sullied the memory of those good Labour MPs who when I was a child proudly wore their medals and fought for this country, and where respectful at all times. Not threatening to stab their leader not in the back but in the front like one Jess Phillips. Can we have an investigation into that please?

The Home Secretary has apologised although it would be a cold day in hell before I apologised to any senior civil servant. They are not to be trusted and the Home Secretary now needs to get on with her role.

Priti Patel: ‘I am sorry that my behaviour in the past has upset people. It has never been my intention to cause upset to anyone. I am very grateful for the hard work of thousands of civil servants who help to deliver the Government’s agenda.

‘I care deeply about delivering on the commitments we have made to the people of this country and I acknowledge that I am direct and have at times got frustrated.

I would like to thank the Prime Minister for his support. The Permanent Secretary and I are working closely together to deliver on the vital job the Home Office has to do for the country.’

Lets face it….we know the frustration she has hit and it stops and starts with senior civil servants and it needs to be rooted out, they need to be rooted out. If you are not with the people then you are against them and it is not the job of some faceless bureaucrat to scheme against the people. If that is the case stand for parliament but they won’t as they know they won’t get in.

Sir Philip Rutnam, who was the Home Office's permanent secretary, quit earlier this year, accusing Ms Patel of a 'vicious and orchestrated briefing campaign' against him and is claiming constructive dismissal at an employment tribunal.

Sir Philip Rutnam, who was the Home Office’s permanent secretary, quit earlier this year, accusing Ms Patel of a ‘vicious and orchestrated briefing campaign’ against him and is claiming constructive dismissal at an employment tribunal and no doubt he is claiming for hurt feelings too.

God save us from civil servants. The Home Secretary is one of the few politicians who is actually good at what she does and she has more balls than most of the males in the cabinet, so keep going Priti and give them hell.