MPs are now considering an inquiry into the Princess Diana interview with Martin Bashir!

Will this really be a good use of the taxpayers money?

I remember the very day she sadly was killed in a road traffic accident. I remember feeling so sorry for those poor boys who had to walk behind their mother and as a parent I felt saddened that that they would not see her again, but to investigate an interview that she took part in….really!

We know it was a war of the Wales, with each one trying to outdo each other and like all bitter divorcing parents they had to get their point across and Diana did it with a television company. We know from experts and journalists that the Princess of Wales was not behind the door at using the journalists for her own means, and this was one of them.

I myself did not want it and do not feel the need to watch it as it was just disgruntled partner blasting the other, but she was certainly not coerced as she knew that she would get the viewing figures, and it was nothing more than a chance to get one over on her husband.

The corporation has appointed Lord Dyson, the former head of the Court of Appeal, to scrutinise allegations Bashir lied to the royal in order to land the 1995 scoop (pictured)
Princess Diana and Martin Bashir

There is talk that Martin Bashir used lies and manipulation to get the interview….but what is new? Journalists always do that when they are not camped outside your house terrorising your family.

I am not defending the BBC and quite frankly think they are long past their sell by date and need defunding and standing on their own two feet, but come on …..she was a grown woman.

She took the decision to speak to him on her own and she did damage Charles and Camilla so job done for her, but why do we need all of these investigations and the past racking up?

Let the Princess rest and if there is an investigation then let the Royals and the Earl Althrop pay. It is not for us mere taxpayers to do so. Nothing will come out of it as she is passed and all it will do is rake over the mud that has long settled.

Earlier this week, it was sensationally revealed that Prince William has spent the past fortnight in contact with the BBC to ensure they hired a top judge who will ‘establish the truth’ about what happened.

The Duke of Cambridge called Lord Dyson’s appointment ‘a step in the right direction’ after the former Supreme Court judge was unveiled as the eminent head of a probe into allegations of forgery, deceit and cover-up surrounding Mr Bashir’s scoop. (Daily Mail)

What everyone forgets is that any time Diana could have said no and pulled out of it. History cannot be rewritten, there will be no chance to redo the interview and it is just a waste of money although I do understand that Prince William will want answers but please use your own money rather than ours as we pay enough as it is.

My view is let it be and just move forward as you cannot change yesterday and you change the history.