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A deal is close yet far away…..for those of us who love plain English what it means is that the United Kingdom hasn’t bent the way the EU thought we would and they are seriously hoping we do. Aww god loves triers…and they are trying our patience.

Top-level Brexit trade talks were suspended yesterday after a member of Michel Barnier's team tested positive for coronavirus

The EU cannot accept us as a Sovereign nation complete with a Head of State that is not the EU nor its President. We can proudly look on from 11pm on the 31st December 2020 as HM The Queen takes up her position again as Head of a truly Sovereign nation and what is there not to like about that.

I am sorry that there will be fishermen who will lose their livelihoods but they need to look at the negotiating team for the blame. Even as a Brexiter I would have been happy to share our waters as we are British after all and we believe in a sense of fair play, but the French did not want that. They continued to want 91% of our fishing grounds and that was when we realised that the French do not play nice and do not play fair.

There is still time for the fishermen to grab their politicians and tell them to do a deal with us and based on what we are offering as they will not lose out. They will have to learn to cut back but that is what ours did and nobody seemed bothered in the EU, nor the UK it seems considering how many Conservative Prime Ministers lied to us. Heath and Major comes to mind and Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The slow erosion of our country should never have been allowed, and of course we will not settle for any court being held higher than our own as that would make a mockery of our Parliament. Parliament makes the laws and the Judiciary interpret it…it seems that bit is lost on them currently and they think they can make the laws but the Judges will have to brought to heel and remind them of their role.

We are not America, they do not have equal billing. No Court is higher than that of Parliament and no Judge is above that of Parliament. Once the Judges realise that then we will have harmony and they will bend. The ECJ and the EU must realise that we the British people will not accept the interference by a foreign court, even though Sir Ed Davey has practically been on his knees begging otherwise.

It is embarrassing that a knight of the realm goes round talking down the same very realm he has been knighted for. I long for the days when you gained a knighthood for actually doing something useful, and not the likes of Davey or John Major who got it for wanting to sell out this country. They do not realise and I cannot imagine why as they have had their 2nd referendum and revoke rubbish thrown back in the faces, but they still want the EU poking its nose in. I know it must be hard for them to accept but NO is the answer so come on chaps say it with me now…NO…..

Then there is the level playing fields of the EU wanting to stick their beak into our making of contracts with other nations. Unbelievable, did they honestly think we were going to approach them everytime we completed a contract with other countries.

Verhofstadt and the others need to just leave their golden palaces of robbing and scamming the taxpayers, leave their expensive chauffeur driven cars and their shopping malls just built for them and actually come down to the real people, especially the British people and see why we hate the EU so much. They are all as crazy as each other if they think that any nation was going to put up with their interference. Although, Verhofstadt still thinks he has a say…well I must thank him for his constant moaning and tweeting as I firmly believe that he was single handily responsible for handing the Out team a win. Cheers Guy for being what you are….obnoxious.

The level playing fields is that we will butt out of EU business and you butt out of ours. If we want to do a deal with you then lets get together, but we do not take too kindly to bullying and despite traiterous MPs and Lords who will sell out this country for 30 pieces of silver, we the British want our own rule lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

The day when our Queen opens a truly independent Parliament that has picked by the electorate is something I am so looking forward too, even I have to see Corbyn, Abbott etc but at least Swinson won’t be there and neither will be Sturgeon…she will be too busy sulking North of the Border, and what a delightful sight that would be.

When the EU can actually wake up smell the coffee then there is a chance of a deal but until then….please find the nearest exit and let the grown ups do what we do best…strike deals with the rest of the world.

Note for diary….send one dummy and a wambulator to Mr Guy Verhofstadt and Mr Barnier for 11pm on the 31st December 2020 and lets get ready to party like a truly independent nation ….

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