Biden is staying ultra tight lipped with regards to his meeting with the BLM. You know them… the people who have set fire to districts, businesses, murdered police and have caused so much rioting that the final bill will have numbers on it that we have never seen before, and you have to ask yourself who will pay? Not the rioters they are not working!!.

Seems that BLM are DEMANDING that the vacant seat of California Governor that was Harris’s is awarded to one of them. Well, forgive me but I thought they were actually voted in, and the best person for the role regardless of their colour. It is their ability to serve the people that matters and if not then America has already lost because if you let in people who have caused so much death and destruction, then there is no hope for you.

Joe Biden

Not only will you have in power the most inept President who is obviously suffering from early stage dementia but you will also have an anti democracy organisation dictating to the Vice President who of course will give into their every demand.

BLM are now demanding the BREATHE act where they will defund the police and pay into the community. I have never heard anything so stupid in my life.

Without law and order you have no community and how dare they say that the other 99% of the police are racist. You have that small number who should be weeded out, but the rest of them have put their lives on the line for the people of the USA and this is the thanks they get.

Where are the silent majority? Stop staying silent and get out and demonstrate your support. The police need it and it is your duty to not to give in to this. It is time that you the people defended the police. The police have had your back for so long, now it is time that you had theirs and get out and shout loudly so that the Capitulator in Chief can hear it.

It is outrageous and I stand with the Blue Line each and every day. You are lucky in the USA that your whole police force has stood its ground as can you imagine the rapes, the murders, the looting and the increase in crime that is already happening. It has actually gone up some 500% in some areas due to the stupidity of your elected officials, which if you have any sense you would kick out at the earliest opportunity, and all because some imbecile has given into the virtual signalling and defunded the police.

I know who I would trust and they wear the police badge each and every day and have signed a blank cheque with the community to defend you with their lives, do they not deserve your support in return?

BLM are the same as Antifa, they are hell bent on bringing down the United States for their own good and then what? No Government will deal with them and the whole country will be one big failure and can you imagine the poverty, the disease and the widespread crime? Yet when I mention that there are real slaves still suffering in China….not one person from these groups have demanded their release. Women are having forced abortions, children being separated from their families and being brain washed, women sterilised, men and women beaten and they are dying daily….NOT ONE WORD for people who are really suffering.

Not one offer of help for the poor Rohingya’s who are suffering each and every day. They are beaten, driven from their homes and the women raped and people being murdered….NOT ONE WORD.

Not one offer of help…yet I thought these people wanted to make the place a better world for people of colour? I guess they are the wrong colour.

We have the lack of rights for women in the Middle East and like the feminists ….not a word said… they are as fake as their demands for equality. It is all about money and nothing else. If I was the police I would leave them to live in the mess they created and do nothing to help them, why should they!! Create a civilian force and protect those worth protecting, and leave the rest of them to their utopia.

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God help the United States of America as you have voted in the most inept politician in history. 47 years in political service and he has achieved the square root of nothing. The Vice President will be waiting for the day he is medically retired…say 12 months and then America will see the mistake it has made but it will be too late then. You will have no police, no law and no order and the place will look like Europe did after the war and it will be a special kind hell of your own making.

I expect civil war to break out in the United States of America within the next 18 months, unless your Capitulator in Chief has not already started a war in the Middle East within the time he is allotted.