If Labour cannot root out the evil of anti-semetism in its party it never will.

Emily Thornberry refuses to condemn Jeremy Corbyn for his views and his vile anti-semetism and do they really think this is acceptable?


Thornberry actually referred to him as kind and principled. If that is principled that Attila the Hun doesn’t come across too bad these days does he?

BBC presenter Fiona Bruce asked: “Do you think he ever will apologise for what the EHRC called the ‘failures of leadership’?” Ms Thornberry continued: “I don’t know, I don’t feel it’s right for me to speculate. “I certainly hope that he does and takes this opportunity to think through but we need to move on and find a solution.”

Mr Cleverly interjected: “That’s absolutely shocking. How much evidence do you need?

Sadly in answer to Mr Cleverly you can fill a whole office with the evidence and they still won’t accept it, as accepting it means that ALL of the shadow bench have to admit to their part and they won’t do that. What get an MP to be honest….who would have thought of it.

Emily Thornberry
Emily Thornberry and James Cleverly

Like Starmer, Thornberry is hoping that this will all go away and their part in it won’t come out to the public. After all, it is better for Corbyn to be the bad guy for them when in reality they were all at it. Oh I know they will state “but I told the shadow cabinet in private”….well lets like me stating that I have turned water into wine….if you cannot show it…it does not exist.

The whole nasty Labour party are still what they are…nasty. They are pathetic at making apologies as they are trying so hard to bat it away from them, bat away the fact that Thornberry and Starmer were front and centre in the most anti-semetic party we have seen since Moseley.

What makes it unbelievable is that both of them are Lawyers and both of them should have known that what Labour was doing was illegal, so where was the concern for breaking the law? Where was the Human Rights for Jewish Labour members?

This is just a cynical ploy to sweep the whole nasty episode under the carpet, and what we should be doing is asking Thornberry why she didn’t walk out of the shadow front bench, because Like Starmer if Corbyn had won they would be working in a Government under the control of an anti-semetic terrorist lover, who surrounded himself with the most nauseating people….

Thankfully the people saw sense and showed him the door but it does not explain why they were actively campaigning for a man and his heavies who dragged the Labour party into the gutter, and it is still there.

I detest people who try to shift blame and for once would an MP hold up their hands and say yes, I was part of it and I did nothing and then start to build it up from there rather than the mealy mouthed two faced back stabbing that they are doing.