All alleged yet the witch-hunt by the Mainstream Media is under way.

Shame on the Australians for putting the Australian SAS under the microscope for fighting a war that politicians sent them to fight, and then accusing them of ALLEGED crimes.

We are talking Afghanistan and they do not play by the rules. It is gorilla warfare at its nastiest and how long are we expected to play the good guys when the enemy do not even value their own lives never mind our soldiers.

As General Patton stated “Don’t you die for your country, make sure the bastard dies for his” and that is certainly what I feel now and thankfully this witch hunt is now looking at the top echelon of the military as I am fed up of those on the ground under the most horrendous of times being held accountable by those who have their drinks cabinet hundreds of miles away in safety. Blackadder got it so right with the characterisation of the top brass in the military.

You sent in the best to do the job and they are still the best and before the mass hysteria by the mainstream media demanding that soldiers are jailed maybe they need to get past the alleged bit first.

Australian special forces soldiers accused of murdering innocent civilians may be given a pass from prosecution if they testify against their senior commanders (file image of army soldiers in Afghanistan)

If any soldier has killed innocent civilians then they must be put before a court on the charge of murder, but remember the witch hunt of our forces resulting in the endless lies and lives being ruined by the likes of Phil Shiner and his defunct firm, and happily passing files of lies to Starmer. These are the sort of people the men and women of ours’s and Australia’s forces are up against. True bottom feeders.

Too often the bleeding hearts brigade get the headlines and those who have put their lives on the line to defeat evil are often the ones cast in the role of evil and it is not fair and it is wrong.

We are talking the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS, you know the bad guys and some armies have to fight in the most awful of battles with road side bombs suicide bombers and not knowing whether they will get back home, and what do they get for it . Investigated….shame on the Australian Government. We should be going after those who chase war for their own shining star and to gain power.

Lets start with the politicians who sent them. Did they ensure that the military had the correct kit? Did they have the right intelligence and a plan to remove them when needed? had they exhausted all forms of discussion and third parties and tried to avoid sending in the military or did they just decide to look macho and in they went. After all everyone in power goes mad and wants to be seen as a War Leader.

Now the Generals. Did they know the terrain? Did they know the enemy better than they knew themselves? Did they ensure that all situations had been trained for and that the men were mentally fit for this? Did they have the kit and the back up? If not? Why not?

Then we need to look at the fact that the buck stops with the Heads of the Services. After all they are the ones who wonder round looking like ridiculous peacocks in the medals and gold braiding often given to them for something or other without getting their hands dirty. The buck stops with them. They get the huge wages for doing the role and sitting with a port in your hand whilst someone is in the dirt getting shot at does not release you from responsibility. Fall on your swords and take responsibility if necessary. Show the men and women of the armed forces that you are leader and that you will back them up through thick and thin…however, like most of them today I doubt it.

I am sick and tired of this modern day blame game and it always seems to come back at our brave servicemen and women. We are not playing with a nice enemy here guys, they do not value the lives of their women nor the children as how often have we seen suicide bombers? I even read they had put a vest on a mentally disabled young girl and blew her up…for god sake these people are inhuman, and yet you expect our army to just go oh its ok…you blew up my friend I will just take your prisoner and then what?/ Tea and chocolate biscuits?.

We have seen what happens to the prisoners…they are let go. The Kurds try as hard as they can with keeping ISIS in prisons but they have been abandoned and now ISIS are back…slowly but they are coming back and who do we have to blame for this. Mainstream media whipping up the snowflakes.

War is hell people and I would sooner it be our forces that come back home safer than anyone else.

I do not believe for one minute that there have been shootings of women and children, although some of these kids have guns and what do you do then? The normal rule book goes out of the window. Russia could not make Afghanistan to yield, neither could the Americans but you expect the Australian SAS to do the job? Or ours as they have had to run the gauntlet of the leftist media blaming them all the time. Nice to know that the supposed guardians of our freedom of speech back the bad guys.

Lets start jailing the politicians and the top Generals first before we move down to the lower ranks as they have been to hell care of the people above, and if we don’t start backing up the military then we whatever country you are will not have one, and why should they? If the country cannot support them why should they support the country.

This is not a get out of jail card free for those who could be found to commit murders and the full might of the court must come down on them, but to publish ALLEGED is wrong. There needs to be a complete communications blackout until the allegations are either proved or thrown out after all we are all innocent until proven guilty. It seems with the mainstream media it is the other way around.

Lets start laying the blame where it should be…squarely on the shoulders of those politicians who want war to look big for the electorate and those Generals who send the men and then wash their hands of them. That is not leadership and shame on them. They do not deserve the respect of the military as they have let them down at the first hurdle.

Show the public that you accept responsibility and fall on your swords before you accuse your loyal men.

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