A vaccine in sight…

Seems that there is hope on the horizon with a vaccine due to be rolled out hopefully with those most vulnerable getting it first.

Matt Hancock the Health Secretary has stated that he will take personal responsibility for ensuring it is successfully given. I wish he wouldn’t and leave it to the professionals and that way we are guaranteed a success.

I for one am going to have the vaccine. I trust scientists as they are working flat out to protect man from this virus that is a killer and I have double the faith in scientists as my son is one and I trust him. He has explained it fully to me and shame on you anti vaxxers as you see conspiracy theories everywhere……may I suggest a tin foil hat for you as well, and hope you stick by your principles that when you get it because of your own stupidity that you will not bother the brave NHS with it.

I will hopefully get the vaccine in January and my husband will get it first due to him being at high risk and I can honestly say that this has given us hope that life will get back to normal. It is the cruellest of things to see your grandchildren and not give them a hug. I think that is the first and only time I cried during this whole thing as I saw my 13 year old Grandson in his mum’s car when she dropped something off and I knew we both wanted to hug each other, after all I am his nana and it is a mutual love between the pair of us. He knows he can get away with anything with me and I know he knows…so job done.

We will be very reluctant to go back to eating out and going crowded places although we didn’t do that much, but just think of the joy of knowing that you can see your family again and because of that I will be at the front of the line if necessary. It is the things we took for granted that I miss the most and I do so miss seeing my mum, my daughter, my son, my grandchildren and even my son in law….bet that surprises him.

They are nothing more than miracle workers and when the awards come round then I hope they are full of Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Truck Drivers, Shelf fillers, Cleaners and everyone who has gotten us through this pandemic. The real heroes and not some star using tic toc for their own PR drivel or someone who has made a donation to a particular party, but real life people who made a difference and went out when the rest of us were cowering on our sofas for fear of going out. That is what makes them special.

This world pandemic has made us realise how much our freedom does mean to us and I for one will be grateful to the Scientists for giving me back my life, my family and my extra special hugs with my grandchildren. That alone is priceless and we are forever in their debt.

Roll on January 2021 folks it has suddenly got a better outlook.