There is something rotten and dodgy at the heart of this Government.

I like many people are absolutely disgusted to read of those “friends” of Government and Cabinet Ministers who have profited from this pandemic by the poor PPE contracts and final goods on offer.

£18 billion of our money has been “given” away to whoever had a chum in Government, and it is beginning to smell dodgy and it is for want of a better word theft from the public purse.

The National Audit Office report found more than 1,300 contracts worth £10.5billion were awarded by the Government with no competition whatsoever
The stench of the taxpayers being ripped off.

This is a far greater scandal than a majority of people are realising. It is almost cash for questions but without the questions but rather cash for those who can get their hands on it, only this time those brown envelopes have come into the modern age of bank transfers with a lot of zeros in it.

A lot of the PPE was made of such poor quality that you have to ask why have these bills been paid?

Why have contracts being given to people who only set up their companies to directly profit from the pandemic and the pain and suffering of the people? I guess when you are detached from the little people you know those who vote you, you don’t care and then you can just take part in raiding the taxpayers coffers without having to account for it, and of course if your new chum is generous before you hand out the contract then great fun.

This is outrageous, it is dodgy as hell and it needs to be looked into by an impartial person. It is not good enough that the Prime Minister refuses to apologise and saying how wonderful it was that they had managed to get all of this PPE. This Government still paid for sub-standard equipment without the regular checks, and why the hell have they not paid British companies to convert to producing our own PPE instead of giving it to every dodgy person who tipped up with some suspect contract? If they had provided this money to British firms then this would not happen again, but I guess giving out money for an honest endeavour does not come into it.

Too many people profited from this who are too close to Cabinet members including those who advised the Cabinet, and critics quite rightly say the Government has frittered away huge sums of public in flawed and uncompetitive contracts sometimes buying ‘useless PPE’, with the ‘taxpayer now reaping the ruin’. It seems the Government found that magic money tree during the pandemic.

This money is my money, its my husbands money and its the money of every working person in the country and it is not in the gift of the Prime Minister nor any Government minister to ensure that their chum gets a cut.

Its bad enough that we had months on end of Dido Harding making a mockery of her role as head of tracking and tracing, and what a useless expensive dodo that turned out to be. If they had put in place the experts from the beginning it would be fit for use, and then to add insult to injury she is now the interim Chairman of the government’s new Institute for Health Protection which will replace Public Health England.

Dido Harding’s husband has direct links to a member of the 1828 advisory board which called for the PHE body to be scrapped. Tory minister John Penrose is part of the right-wing group which among other things took a dim view of PHE, and hey presto before Boris could offer her the job the PHE was gone, puff of air….magic trick of making another job available for someone not qualified, and did anyone say this is a conflict of interest not one jot but that seems to be the way in Government.

If the Conservatives want to get in again they need to stop this now, but I don’t think they will, after all there is too much money to be made for them to listen to us.

I just don’t trust them to do the right thing anymore and day after day we read of another CHUM of the PM or someone in cabinet being given a job they cannot do but who drinks at the same watering hole as the PM or a Minister, and the financial reward for this friendship is very profitable for them but not for the taxpayer.

Take the head of the track and tracing, can Boris really say that he has complete confidence in Harding without us laughing. She has been inept during the whole Covid Pandemic and yet the CHUM network has come up trumps for her yet again with another high profile role. It is obscene and it is wrong.

This is nothing more than profiting from the taxpayers and never mind giving them contracts or payments, the people who benefited and the Ministers responsible should be heading for the nearest jail cell as I am sick to death of corrupt Governments, and sadly this one is coming up as corrupt as any other….worse in fact.

Will the final decision on which vaccine is selected now depend on which Minister and their friends can make the most money out of it, rather than value for the taxpayer and good scientific advice.

The days of non accountability should be long gone and it is wrong that any Prime Minister thinks they can just swat away questions that need answering, and Boris needs to realise that this will not go away. People have died from the lack of quality PPE, nurses and doctors have died because of this and yet a select few have profited.

There is corruption at the heart of this Government and it stinks…it truly stinks and that is not easy for me to say being a Conservative, but I think it is now time for me to hand back my Conservative Card and become truly independent as I don’t think anybody in Parliament or politics is trustworthy, and that sadly is the state of British politics today.

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