Seems Labour is still under the leaderships of anti-Semites and Starmer can do nothing about it. Not that he did when he was a senior member of the shadow front bench.

Lets not forget this man happily endorsed Corbyn to becoming Prime Minister and refused to believe that Corbyn was anti-semetic. He would have become a senior member of any Labour Government if the public had suddenly gone crazy and voted them in, and he would have said and done nothing but happily spin and connive his way to the head of the party, that same chair he occupies now, only thankfully it doesn’t have PM on it.

You have to ask yourself for a man who says it is his mission to stamp out anti-semetism in the party…..why now? Why not campaign against it when it was getting out of hand and put your honour before your ego trip?? His apologies have never sat right with me as they are lame and he spent too long doing nothing, despite being one of the main voices we constantly heard throughout the election.

Starmer as the former Director of Public Prosecutions would have known that what Labour and Corbyn was doing and committing was illegal and he should have shut it down, or at the very least walked but true to Starmer form he did nothing.

Now this….

The Labour Party and its NEC are anti-semetic because if they think one mere back handed apology is enough to allow Corbyn back in then they are worse than him, and seriously deluded. This is another bunch of nobodies who did nothing whilst Jewish Labour MPs and its members were vilified, bullied, threatened and abused and amazing how they can clear Corbyn in 3 weeks…yet years later some of those who had to run the gauntlet of this disgusting party, and its disgusting former leader are still waiting.

Here is a little bit of advice for them….they won’t come out on your side as they detest Jews, always have but now they are emboldened by Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn last night had his Labour Party membership reinstated but Sir Keir is refusing to allow his predecessor to sit in the House of Commons as a Labour MP
Sir Keir Starmer today announced he is not restoring the Labour whip to Jeremy Corbyn
Starmer who only thinks he is the leader of the labour party

Now we have the spectacle of 28 socialist MPs demanding that Starmer give the whip back to Corbyn. The usual bunch of pathetic individuals are on the list. McDonnell the IRA supporter, Abbott the IRA Supporter, Rebecca Long Daily who adores Corbyn….so it shows her way of thinking is as warped as the man she adores and 25 others……

They are the usual bunch who occupy parliamentary seats and who really should not be put forward as it is an affront to everything decent that these people are in Westminster, and it is always under Labour. Do they not know any decent people to stand for elections in these seats as I cannot believe this lot is the best they had……If so how bad were the others who failed?

We get the usual statement from John McDonnell, who served as shadow chancellor when Mr Corbyn was Labour leader, stating Sir Keir’s decision was ‘just plain wrong’ and would cause ‘more division and disunity in the party’. It seems that he can just ignore the hate and the pain aimed at the Jewish people because he doesn’t like them either.

Former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott also criticised the leadership’s decision, tweeting that withholding the whip ‘raises serious questions of due process’.  Yet, the irony is that Abbott raised no questions at the years that it took the same procedures for the Jewish members and the whistle blowers to receive nothing but abuse and where it is still not resolved. It seems that it only raises serious questions when it concerns her ex lover, and she is another MP where you have to think the people who voted her in are stark raving mad.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey tonight said he was ‘astonished’ by what he called the ‘vindictive and vengeful action which despoils party democracy and due process alike’.  Spoken like a true dinosaur. McCluskey is everything that I dislike about the Labour party as they are in debt to the likes of this champagne socialist, who likes to preach about the hard working man whilst spending freely with the union credit card for champagne lunches at the poshest of restaurants, all thanks to the poor souls who pay for him. I have said it before and I will say it again, I cannot afford to be a socialist.

The usual gooks that make up the sounding board for anti-semetism in the Labour party are what they are anti-semites, but the problem for Starmer is that he has proved himself to be no leader. How can the NEC over-rule the leader of the party. Starmer is now in a bind as it is nearly 30% of his 202 MPs who are demanding the reinstatement and Starmer will give in, he always does. It will happen over the Christmas lockdown so that he does not have to face the press.

It will prove just as the report into the abuses of anti-semetism proved that Jewish people are not safe under Labour, and that is what this bunch have reduced the opposition too. The likes of Long Bailey and Abbott don’t care that their fellow Jewish MPs were hounded out and threatened, because they share the same view as Corbyn and it makes them look very, very ugly.

Starmer will have no choice but to give in. He used every trick in the book to get the party leadership and he knew the stance they took over Brexit would lead to the drubbing they got, but it would give him the leadership and that was all that mattered. It is not hard to work out and even Corbyn with his limited intelligence knows it and now he wants a scalp and it is Starmer’s he is after.

If Starmer does not bend to the will of Corbyn and that nasty momentum cult of his, Starmer will find that nearly 30% of his MPs will walk and take the union money with him and what then?

Starmer I should imagine is already making up his how do I get out of this sticky situation excuse for when he disappoints that Jewish voters and he will, and he will do it because he wants power….Corbyn wants power and there is going to be a clash of egos…..and sadly the Jewish labour voters are going to be the ones to pay for this…..

It does however go to show that you cannot trust Labour, you cannot trust the Labour Leader and you cannot trust the processes of Labour if you are Jewish, and that is an awful thing to have to accept in modern day Britain.